Tala: Hey, wait for me!Mature

I leap towards the door and almost make it out the house before my mother grabs me and pulls me back. I wriggle around trying to escape but obviously I fail.

"Not so fast, you still need to disguise yourself, Tala," she says. I curl back my lips and snarl at her showing my oversized canines. She doesn't even flinch.

"Mum, I'm going to miss the boat," I say.

I decide that trying to escape isn't going to work so I relent and let her disguise me. I dislike lipstick but apparently I have to wear it because I have black lips. Even so I don't think bright red is necessary. I protest at the hideous pink summer hat and dress she makes me wear to cover my grey ears and sleek tail. Finally she lets me go. I run out of the door and towards the docks, tearing off the hat and dress as I go to reveal the black short sleeve top and the denim cut off jeans I wear as standard. I arrive at the docks too late, I see the boat too far out before I'm even at the shore. I make a decision in a second and launch myself off the edge and into the cold water. I swim as fast as I can towards the boat, climb on and collapse in a heap on the deck, dripping and shivering.

The End

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