Minx: Sea sickMature

"Excuse me" I told both of them and went to the front of the boat to get some air.

"Ugh" I moaned.

"Sea sick?"

I turned and looked at a boy off to the side. Part Shark?

Well he had very sharp teeth and gills at his sides. He's meant to cover it with the jumper tied around his hips but at the moment he's sort of bathing in the sun light and sprays from the sea.

"Well, I'm part fox...... I do like swimming sometimes..... strange I'm feeling uncomfortable" I mutter.

"Fox's are land based animals..... were pretty far from land" he says smiling.

I try to smile back but my stomach lunches and I sit down slowly.

"Here" He puts a hand to my forhead and the sound of the ocean and the feel of it around my disappears.

"How?" I ask.

"I sort of control the sea so I just sort of..... took the awareness of it away from you" He kneels down in front.

He takes my wrist with his other hand, then takes the other away from my forhead.

"Thanks" I mutter resting back against the side of the boat.

"You're welcome" he says.

"How long till we reach land?" I ask looking at him.

"Another half an hour" he says. He smiles.

"Uh, I really don't want anyone to see this" I wave a hand and the air around us thickens making us basically invisible.

"Cool.... So thats your power air control?" he asks.

"Telepathy and Elemental Control" I say. He blushes and I laugh realising he just realised I can hear and basically think what he's thinking.

"Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it" He mutters looking away.

"It's okay we are only human..... ish" I add after a second.

He laughs and I turn to look at him. "Name's Snap"


"Nice to meet you" he says nodding politely.

"You too" I say nodding aswell.

"Uh, you have a partner yet?" he asks. Oh, yeah. Partnering up for the trip or groups of three.

"Hm, no I forgot"

"Mind dealing with me" he says smiling smugly.

"I'll take on the challange" I smile back. "But I'm only gonna be your friend , Okay?"

"Fine with me..... I actually have someone else I like" he says. "Back home"

"I know" I say nudging him. He smiles. I have a feeling this will be a good friendship.

The End

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