I take out my mirror and push my hair back with the pink headband I love so much. I'm part deer and thats no joke, I have the ears and short, fluffy tail to prove it, oh and I can also run as fast and be freakily graceful (comes in handy if you wanna dance.) My parents get me to wear poofy dresses because it'l hide the tail better, but I know it's where they preffer me to be girly. I sit at the far end of the boat and hum to myself. My magic....I can communicate with animals (that includes being able to read minds...sometimes.)

I feel a cold slide down my back and shreik. Meg.

"Would you not do that!"

Meg was laughing "Sorry"

I roll my eyes "You know what it's fine. I'll just have to return the favour when you least expect it"

Meg fakes shaking and we both burst out laughing. Annoing as she was it's fun to compete in a pranking war with her. "Let the games begin" Meg beamed.

The End

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