Meg: PessimistMature

The boat sets off and I realize that there's no going back. I'll have to be on my best behaviour. Sigh. I'll bet they don't normally spend their time swinging in trees in the human land. I'll miss that. I'll have to find a gymnastics club or something. I love gymnastics. I probably wouldn't like it as much if I didn't have the gift of balance. I never get hurt swinging in trees because I have an unusually good sense of balance. I suppose you could call it my power. If I was falling off a cliff I wouldn't get hurt because I'd find something to gab onto and save myself. OK, maybe it's not balance, it's gymnastics. I have the power of gymnastics. And I love it. I can also speak monkey, but that comes from being part monkey I suppose. I wander if we'll have to go to school. I've heard they split the years up. Why do they do that? We just split classes randomly

"I'm going to see who else is coming. Wanna come?" I ask Minx.

"Yeah, why not?" she replies. The first people we find are Charly and Shirley. They're both older than me. Well of coarse they're older than you Meg, you're only 15. 

"Hi Shirley, hi... Charly" I say as Charly appears next to Shirley. They're in my class, like Minx.

"How's bird language coming along?" Shirley asks me. I'm trying to learn bird language. I'm also failing miserably. 

"Tweet, tweet. Tweetety tweet" I say sarcastically. She laughs. "Are you nervous?" I ask everyone. They all nod.

"Still, it can't be bad or they wouldn't be taking us" Charly points out.

"Yeah, I suppose. I can't help thinking that something's gonna go wrong though"

"Oh Meg. You're so pessimistic sometimes" Minx says "Remember... always look on the bright side of life!" she sings.

"You know I hate that song" I grumble.

"Go and play a prank on someone. That'll cheer you up" Shirley suggests. Everyone knows that I have a naughty nature.

"OK!" I speed off in search of someone to prank.

The End

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