Charly: just stay hidden.Mature

I watched as everybody clambered onto the transportation, all late. Then again, they'd all had to cover up. Wear hats and scarves-anyone would have thought that Olliverna is the coldest place in Britain. It's really quite nice climate-wise. I don't think we're too representative of the rest of England though, my mum went to London for university and she says that everywhere else is rainy and dull. Then again, we aren't ordinary people.

The teacher looked around, glancing at her clipboard as everybody filed on. 'Where's Charly?' her eyes rove down the seats to the back.

Ah, nuts, I'd blended in again. Damn chameleon powers. That was the brilliance of my animal tendencies: I looked pretty much like a human...if I remembered to stay that colour. I liked my blonde hair best, it looked nice with my blue eyes. I got angry at my mum once and changed it to purple but for some reason I couldn't get it to change back for another week. So I started blending into the background. I do that a lot when I'm nervous, like today. How are they going to react? I'll look like a freak if I let my eyes wander about- chameleon pupils are a little freaky, but they were a great trick when we were six. I quickly blended back and said 'I've been here the whole time, Miss.'

The End

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