"You better go now Meg!" Mum shouts from upstairs. Huh? What time is it? I look at the clock. OK. Well, I'm late. Still, might as well keep up my reputation.

"OK. Bye Mum! Bye George!" I yell up the stairs.

"Don't forget your bandanna in case your hair doesn't cover you ears enough. Put powder on your nose every day, it'll look out of place with the humans. Wear a dress or a skirt to cover your tail" Mum says as she walks down. Seriously. Like I'm gonna forget that humans aren't part monkey. And besides, there's nothing wrong with my nose, it's just a bit small.

"Yeah. Bye!" I rush out the door without closing it. There's loads of people on the boa already.

"And" Miss looks at her watch, completely unaware of me. "Megan should arrive in 3... 2... 1-"

"Hi Miss. Please call me Meg. Sorry I'm late" I say. Everyone laughs. I smile and walk over to one of the very few empty seats. I sit down and flick my thick, dark red curly hair back to cover my ears (because, being part monkey, my ears are on top of my head and not on the side). I notice Minx next to me. "Hey Minx. Do you think the humans'll be able to tell about my nose?"

"Hi Meg" she laughs "No, I don't. I don't know what your mum's so freaked out about anyway. There's bound to be humans with small noses. Nice ears by the way"

"Ahh! My ears are showing?" I get out my mirror. My hair has fallen off one of my ears and the tip of the other one is showing. I shove on my purple bandanna. It works. I scrutinize my reflection. Do humans have hazel eyes? They better do. Well, this is as human as I'll ever look, so there's nothing I can do about it. I'm only just allowed on this trip anyway,I turned 15 yesterday. I sit back and prepare to enjoy the journey.

The End

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