"Sandi, you bloody turnip! Will you per-lease hurry up, and get that boney arse of yours in gear." Mal screams as she bursts in my room.

Mal is part mouse, she's tiny, small ears, a thin pink tail, and... well, as a cat girl I can scare her easily. It's ironic that we're best friends really.

"Excuse me, but I do not have a boney arse, thank you, oh so very much!" I dismiss her, as I spray hairspray into my now (stylishly) messy, dark sandy coloured hair. My pale, mediterranean sandy cat ear poke out the top. I place black and purple ribbons around them, with a purple flower clip by the right one.

People always wondered why, even at four I had my head, usually backcombed to cover my ears. They did know about the ears of course, but at church on harvest day I always wore an approprate 'sunday' hat. I prefer to keep my ears a secret now, it's just my thing I suppose, covering them up, besides, they burn easily.

Today, I've decided to let them have some light, but have put factor 150 on them, so there isn't much point. I doubt it would scare the humans, 'specially as I've jazzed them up to look like someone has manafactered them...

"Are you nearly done yet? You're taking forever." Mal moans, falling like a tree onto my double bed.

"Well, I'm so sorry. But, I've only been sorting myself out for ten minutes. I would have had longer if, I don't know, you didn't make me sort you out for THREE hours!"

"Yeah, I know. But we're going to miss them, and then we'll be stranded here. On our todds."

"Well we wont be on our todds as we'll have each other, unless I decide to eat you." I grin into the mirror, she gulps, I laugh.

I roll my green cat eyes (an attempt as an insult from my school peers... and teachers) and apply kohl eyeliner around them, framing their plate like size.

My face is angular like our pet Pipin - my brother was going through a Lord of the Rings fase. I have a very, very light coating of fur along my skin, no one notices, it just looks like normal skin. Except on my back are strips like a tigers. I have a small triangle-like nose which is tinged with the faintest gleam of pink, my nails are as sharp as my teeth.

Like a cat, I'm very flexable - although I am very proud to say that I have never tried to lick my own - or anyone elses - arse, and I'm also fast. Quiet fast actually. Fast as a jaguar to be presice, but hey ho, whos measuring my speed? I'm not allowed on the school team as it's 'cheating'. Stupidest thing I've ever heard.

The End

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