I pulled my scarf around my neck so I could hide my gills.  It was going to be a pain I could tell but I was going to have to live with it for the time being.  I couldn't do anything about my hair, which was blue, but hopefully that wouldn't be too out of place.

I looked at the clock on the wall.  That can't be right, half past!  I'm late!

'Bye mum!'  I yelled over my shoulder as I flew out our front door.  Oh God, oh God, oh God!  I couldn't run fast enough, I was much better at swimming.  I saw the docks, everyone was already on board but the teacher is still waiting next to the boat.

'Late Nina?  That's out of character for you.'

'I know I'm sorry miss.'  I hurry up the gangplank and onto the boat.  My class looked so different with all their animal attributes covered up but I managed to spot my best friend, Harper and made my way over to the seat next to him.

'Nice scarf.'

'Nice hat.'  I pulled it off his head and his rabbit ears came out.

'Don't do that, you know I can't let people see them.'  He grabbed the hat back from me and stuffed his ears back inside it.

I smiled, it was so easy to wind him up and it felt so satisfying.  Luckily he knew I was joking so we got on well.

'Ready to go Harper?'

'Are you?'  He raised one eyebrow in that quizzical look he does.

'Yes I am.'

The End

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