"Ahh" I yell as I run through the forest heading for the docks.

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late" I squeal. My hat it clenched in my hand and my light bronze hair flying around me.

My features are that of a fox. I'm wearing a baige baggy jacket/jumper, baige shorts with a strip of dark brown at where they end high on my legs. Then brown and baige striped socks and baige trainers.

My face is delicate but sharp, my limbs thin but muscular and I'm really small for 16 years old, I look more like a 11 year old.

"I'm sorry" I shout coming out onto the dock.

"You're late Minx" the teacher says sternly. "And get your hat on and hide that tail"

I pull on my hat hiding my bronze fox ears, and then tuck my tail up under my jacket/jumper.

"There, ready" I say smiling. She hands me a back pack and I pull it on. Thankfully its not heavy enough to hurt my tail to much. I smile up at my teacher.

"Get on you rascal. A few others are also late" she says smiling and shaking her head.

I smile my teeth sharper than what they normally should be. I run and vault the railling on to the boat.

A few people jump.

"God Minx. Why do you always do that? I mean we can't here you do you want to scare someone to death. I mean your already doing it half way"

I can't help but smile and no one can fight me. I mean even though I could probably kick everybodies ass on this boat I'm still the most innocent looking.

The End

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