The Animal ChildrenMature

Children are born, but in Olliverna, a hidden island of the coast of west england, non are born normal.
The children are nature followers.
Animal children. Part human, part animal, part magic.
These are the stories of when the new generation decide to travel to normal land.

Olliverna, is a hidden island of the west coast of england.

On this island the people aren't normal. All of them are part human, part animal and part magic. They all have there gifts. They all have there powers.

For the first time in a while the people of Olliverna have organised a trip for the children aged between 15-17 for a months experience in england.

The normal land. Non, of the children going have ever met a normal human. Yet they have heard the stories.

With the precations in place to hide there animal features the children going gather at the docks ready for the trip that will change there lives.

The Animal Children finally get to see a place away from the island. A place of mystery to them and adventure.

The End

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