Answer one of two questions:

Do you recognize yourself in Gatsby's drive for reinvention?

Do you see the 'flawed world' of America today in Fitzgerald's portrait of the Jazz Age?

Reinvention has been always become a part of my American Dream vocabulary. My race has become not against attainment of wealth, owning a home or moving up the corporate ladder. Many years working in the retail industry or the local oversized hardware store has given motivation to attain a higher degree. Deciding which route to take has come from a sketch glance of my writing abilities. A novel writer I had not become. A sign maker humorously advertising the best products, the best buy, the unbelievable record breaking sale or the newest invention found in the most loved hardware store gave me a small window to look at becoming a writer. Writer was not practical, communicator maybe, but high school teacher of English, probably my best bet. The career that when I shared with other fellow apron wearers,they'd scoff, give a crazed look and walk the other way.  Many would ask,"Are you sure you could handle high school students?"

My reply often consisted of either; "I''ll let you know when I get there?" Or, "Is it that far of a stretch? We deal with the public everyday, I don't really see any difference."

The End

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