The All Consuming Tide

Just a quick write up after one odd dream I had a while back now.

Water lies all around, consuming, flowing against, and slowing all movement. I peer downwards, my hand holding tightly to the ledge as I watch him parade past. I know him, and yet I do not know his name. We are to be married and yet I am just now meeting his family.

 The celebration flows like the water in the building. Where does it all come from? Is there a hidden great fountain somewhere deep within this beautiful place? It covers the floor and cascades down from the window ledge and into the fountain pools of the courtyard below.

 They say I am beautiful like the building, I laugh and thank the voices, polite yet I do not believe them. Nothing earthly could ever be as grand as this place. The water is temperature-less and surrounds me. I know I should be soaked, and yet the sun-dress I wear is dry and flows freely. The fabric swings as I swirl about the crowd.

 The crowd congregates and yet is never seen by my observant eyes.  I only see him. He beckons me to join him on the dance floor. Who am I to deny a prince?

The End

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