The Age of Miracles: Adapt and Survive, or Remain and be Swept Away.

In Karen Thompson Walker's "The Age of Miracles", the earth has begun to slow, and at this stage of the book, the changes are starting to take its toll on society. Communities are split apart as "Clock-Time", a plan proposed by the various governments to return to the old 24 hour clock in order to maintain stability, creates a rift between those that follow along with Clock-Time, and with what is known as "Real Time", or the time that remains in sync with the rising and falling of the sun. In the center of it all, we find the protagonist, Julia, seeing her friendships growing ever more distant, her family slowly drift apart, and even at school, she is constantly bombarded with the idea of what her previous life was, when everything was calm and progressing. Instead, she is faced with the situation where the earth begins to slow, yet the bonds in her life have sped up, only to be extinguished earlier. Backing out, we see distrust beginning to form between those on clock-time and those on real-time. Real-Timers are moving to create their own communities, while those that remain are the sources of distrust among communities. One can only wonder how society will respond should the rift between the two groups continues to deepen.

The End

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