The text relates to me because if there is a natural disaster (of sorts) I really wouldn't care what happens, as long as it doesn't happen to me. The characters are treating this as if they were in a new area they never knew about, an alien planet if you will, if we are on an alien planet we would most likely be scared of what is happening to us, we would react with ways of trying to relax. The text doesn't agree with how my views are towards science, but the book wasn't written by a scientist so i have to look past that. The book agrees with my views in how i believe how people will react to something this massive in nature. Nothing so far in the text agrees with the earth slowing down, but with people going into chaos, ours is slow, the books was rapid. I can enjoy the text, in fact I do enjoy the text as it can be a masterpiece made out of pure fear, I imagine it to be something along the lines of the moon behind a skyscraper burning resembling the fear of longer days and the fear. 

The End

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