The Age of Miracles : Exaggerated Chaos or Justified Response?

In Karen Thompson Walker's "The Age of Miracles", we are introduced to a situation in which the earth has begun to slow, and by a direct result, the days start to grow longer, beyond our standard 24 hour clock, while gravity begins to increase on Earth. It also describes the changes that society is forced to accept during this dilemma, but the way the populace is acting seems strange, as the majority of the populace does the standard stock up on supplies and run to a bunker some where thinking they can ride out the storm, but how does one ride out gravity? But this is where it ends, with society's concept of a "day" changing and an increase of gravity, is it such cause for worry compared to what should occur? Assuming, for a moment, that this world created by Walker is bound by it's own, separate laws of physics, then we can get a grasp that there haven't been massive climate changes throughout the planet, and that its been limited to an increase in gravity. Even if the increase in gravity is a cause for concern, it's something that humans can adapt to, but it will take some time as our blood vessels and circulatory system are now working much harder than before to simply keep us alive, but its not at the point of concern. If this world were to be bound by our laws that govern physics, then we would see a considerable weakening in our magnetic field due to the decrease in expression of the Dynamo Effect. By that, we would see rising temperatures due to radiation being able to bombard the surface, not to mention the increase in sunlight exposure across the globe. To answer the initial question, the society in "The Age of Miracles" is simply overreacting to the situation, as the conditions presented do not constitute a response of that magnitude, however, should more conditions similar to the ones that would appear on our world should the same event occur, would constitute the same response, if not a massive breakdown of society.

The End

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