Where does my path lead? Where does anyone's?

Are we just train cars on a track, either doomed to crash or fortunate by chance - living as another dies?

I scout through a dense mist - I approach the crossroad of life. Childhood is then challenged with adversity, making a girl into a woman.

One choice leads you to another - one door to the next. Each decision is a fatal one in this dangerous game. 

Will I be home in time for dinner? Will I return at all? 

But, being squirrels darting across the deadly roadway, we cannot worry about which direction we take and its consequence. We move forward with the best intentions, forge a path of our own. We live, we learn. For some life lessons will come too late, and failure to conform to their teachings are a death sentence. Will you read the warnings, the yellow roadsigns telling you of the approaching cliff? Will I?

For now, I look to the beyond with hope and fear, doubt and excitement. I take a breath, preparing to dive into a cold pool, and step forward, jolt from the starting gate.  

The End

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