Parlé of the Plague Dog

Parlé of the Plague Dog

I wondered how much of myself I had lost. I wondered if there was anything left of me to lose.

Beside me, the dark pelt caressed my leg in sinister affection. She was all that was left. Like the frigid winds of winter, she was not the sum of all her parts, but the absence of that which made man smile; laugh; feel warmth in their hearts.

She, unlike myself, was devout and committed.

She, unlike myself, would sacrifice all to gain her goal.

Her muzzle pushed up against my limp hand as she nudged her head beneath my palm.

Without that which was lost; we were a mated pair.

Just as the shadows claim the land when the sun is not present to stand defiantly against that abominable union; so too is my soul forever fused with the beast at my side.

From the moment I stood idle in a time of action, I had sealed my fate.

Her rough tongue lapped against my fingertips and I fought the urge inside me. I was losing myself to her allure. Every circle she trotted at my feet became a dance. Every sharp glance to my eyes became the locked love lust of enamored souls.

I couldn't fight it.

Her beauty.

Her chaos.

Her inescapable aura.

In her gaze, I was like a wounded hare hanging motionless from her jaws; yet alive, but frozen by fear.

The End

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