Chapter Two

I stood there, breathless, and watched as it plummeted. The shock enveloped me. I could not move. I was utterly still, save for my stunned lungs breaking the chilled silence with their laborious inhalations. I had ceased to exist. I had become nothing more than my breath, which rhythmically persevered without purpose, grating in and out, in and out. The sound was alien.

My mind could not rationalise the loss. It seemed impossible that it was gone. I was powerless. My waking moments replicated that familiar nightmare of fleeing from an unseen enemy only to find my limbs motionless, as if running through treacle.

Detached from time I watched, with eyes that were not mine, as it continued to fall, silently tumbling...



until it became a tiny speck in the darkness and finally,desperately, nothing.

I thought I heard the dull crunch of something breaking. But there was nothing around me to break.

When I looked round there was a black dog sitting next to me. I have known this dog for many years. It lifted its head and met my eyes. That brown, vacant stare was very cold. And then came the numbness; a great, suffocating wave poured over me and evaporated the wetness on my cheeks. A gray haze flooded the world, swamped my vision and settled in my brain. Everything was drowned in a sea of mediocrity. I could not feel anything.

We turned to walk, the black dog and I, sadness clawing at my muted heart and emptiness cursing through my veins. 

The End

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