Brody: HappinessMature

I couldn’t tell if it was my imagination or not, but Fate seemed to be happier at the new place. Either way, he was letting me have sex with him more often. So far he’d let me fuck him twice this month. I didn’t want to screw things up though, so I kept it all pretty vanilla to try and avoid scaring him off. Except that his question one time when we were snuggled up after another round of plain sex made me think that I was wrong about that.



“Do you still like me?”

"Of course I do. Why d'you ask that?" I questioned, internally beginning to panic that I’d done something horribly wrong again and not known it.

"Well, we never have sex like we used to,” he said, looking at me with his eyes all wide.

"Oh. I wasn't sure if you wanted to. I didn't wanna rush you back into anything in case it fucked things up again,” I bit down on my lip a little. "Did I upset you?"

He shook his head, "I was just worried you didn't like me like you used to or something.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled, kissing him. “I just didn’t want to freak you out.”

He kissed back. "You wouldn't have."

"I'll keep it in mind for next time, if you want,” I hummed.

"Normal's nice, but it's boring," he nodded, laughing a little. I chuckled, nibbling from his shoulder to his jaw as he tilted his head, earning a hum from him. I tugged at the skin, watching this contented look wash over him. I watched his reaction carefully as I dug in my fangs a tiny bit. I had been feeding on locals ever since that creep from the club used him, and frankly, I missed feeding from him. I didn’t care if I hurt strangers. It never bothered me if they lived or not, if they wanted it or not. I cared about Fate, though. I guess I felt like it meant more to me that he kept me alive. He nodded a little bit and I bit down a little more, drawing enough blood to keep the hunger at bay for a few hours at least.

I knew I’d still have to go out and find someone else to feed on, but knowing that Fate at least trusted me enough to do that made me happy. I hope it didn’t make him feel weird. Like I said, he seemed to be a little happier here, but he wasn’t back to his old self. I was beginning to wonder if he would ever be his old self. Did it really take this long to recover from something like that? I pushed that impatient thought to the back of my head, nuzzling him a little as I pulled him tight against me.


The next full moon was our first in the new house. Fate explored all the wolf friendly doors to his heart’s content while I sat on the sofa, doodling in a notepad. I smiled to myself as he opened the backdoor, running outside. I found myself aimlessly doodling Fate in his wolf form, turning it into a biro sketch. I kinda liked it. Shame it was on lined paper, really.

Fate skittered across the kitchen tiles, wandering back over to me and plonking his head down on my leg, making a snuffling noise. I tilted the pad so he could see the drawing.

“Want me to draw you properly?” I asked, smiling. He made another snuffly noise, which I guessed was a ‘yes’. I swapped the notepad for my big sketchpad, and the biro for my pencils, telling him to sit on the coffee table so I could see him. I put my speed to good use, glancing up from the page occasionally just to check a detail. I’d spent long enough with him now to know what he looked like, it was just the odd thing, really.

When I was done, I showed him the result, earning this sort of happy noise from him. Kissing the tpo if his head, I pulled it out of the sketchpad and cut off the rough edge before sticking it up on the wall above my desk. New house, new collection of sketches and all that. I smiled to myself a little, suggesting we go out for a walk.

We explored the woodland for a while, and I watched as Fate wandered off to explore, marking his territory. I chuckled a little to myself, finding somewhere I could just sit and admire Fate and the scenery around us. He flopped down beside me when he had worn himself out. He looked pretty happy as I stroked him and rubbed his belly. That happy noise escaped him again, though he looked like he wanted to play more than sit and be fussed.

I did my best, but I wasn’t too sure how the whole play fighting thing worked, really. Fate, having discovered that play fighting was not my forte, presented me with a stick. I vaguely remembered saying something about not treating him like a dog because it was demeaning, and sort of felt a little like I was going against my own promise as I threw it for him. But as I watched him chase after it, I figured it was up to him, right? He wanted me to play fetch, so who was I to deny him?

He didn’t want to play fetch for very long, though; he just wandered around all restlessly, looking like he wanted something to do. I asked him if he wanted Lazarus to join him, but he just flopped down on the ground, huffing. I still didn’t know what to do. Hoping it might keep him happy at least for a while, I went back to the house, grabbing a few things for him to eat.

His tail wagged at the sight of the things I’d brought back with me, getting through it all a lot quicker than I’d expected. So I attempted to play fight with him. I think I’d sort of figured out what he wanted from me. We tumbled around, grappling for control, snarling playfully at each other. It was more fun than I’d expected it to be, actually. I even let him win. He looked all happy as he pinned me down, his tail wagging so fast it was creating a draft.

I laughed. "You got me," I cried as he bit my shirt, tugging on it slightly. "Oh no," I put on a pretend look of horror, "I'm being mauled by a vicious wolf." He growled playfully at me as I pretended to be helpless. He laid down on me, licking my face. Nuzzling him, I slyly wiped the slime off onto his fur as his tail flicked from side to side. I cuddled him, wondering why I’d never spent his full moons with him like this before. It was kind of... freeing, in a way, to just run with him and not have to worry about anything. It was probably the happiest I’d been in a quite a while. 

The End

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