Lazarus: WorryingMature

I wish I could say I didn't believe Brody would just sit and watch Fate get raped, but unfortunately I knew exactly what he was like. I guess Brody realised there was nothing he could do to stop the guy without Fate getting hurt, but Brody tends to forget that emotional hurt even exists, let alone that it can hurt more. 

When Line gave his agreement to Fate and Brody staying over, I went straight back to pick them up. I made a mental note to invest in a phone at some point. Fate was all curled up on the bed still when I got back. I packed them some clothes in a bag and told Brody to carry it as I picked Fate up. Brody didn't argue, shouldering the bag as he watched me. I might be small, but I've got enough muscle to carry a guy half a foot taller than me. Bundling Brody and Fate in the back of the car, I glanced in the rear view to see Brody cuddling him. He leaned into him the tiniest bit and I was surprised by the surge of jealousy. Brody had let him get hurt and he still wanted him around. 

I brought the duvet down to put on the sofa for Fate, where he wrapped himself in it like he had back at Brody's. I hadn't got a clue what to do. Line eventually made him his favourite meal to try and cheer him up a bit. Fate nibbled at it, but frankly I was just glad he was eating something. Taking a seat at the table, I smushed my face down on it. Line played with my hair.  

"I don't know how to help him," I groaned into the wood, feeling Line's lips grace my scalp for a moment. "I didn't really expect the next time I saw him after... to be like this. I can't stand the sight of Brody." I said the last part quietly so Brody didn't hear. 

Line stood behind my chair and wrapped his arms around me. "For Fate's sake, you need to at least tolerate him."

"I will," I agreed, leaning into him, "but he hurt me and now he's let Fate get hurt," I sighed, and Line kissed my head again. He kept hugging me and the two of us lapsed into silence, trying to think of how we might be able to help Fate recover. 

"The only thing I can think of is asking him to see a therapist or something," Line said after a while. 

"All I can think of is ripping Brody a new one," I muttered, wishing I was quick enough to beat him in combat. 

"That won't help anyone," he told me with a chuckle. 

"It might help me," I said, my thoughts wandering to something else that would help too. He sighed a little and my eyes flicked over to the cabinet that had my booze in. I really wanted it. I smacked my head on the table. I would be restless all night if I knew it was there. Getting up, I grabbed the bottle and with a herculean amount of effort, tipped it down the sink. "You have enough to deal with without me turning into a drunken wreck." I walked back over to him, resting my head on his chest. "I could really do with a drink, though," I mumbled into his shirt, nuzzling him before looking past him to see Fate in exactly the same position we left him in. "I hope he bounces back soon."

"Me too. Chances are he's suffering from PTSD, though, so that therapist really is a good idea," Line said. 

"There was no such thing as therapists two hundred years ago." At least if there were therapists, I didn't know about them. People back then just fucking got on with it. 

"I know, but it might help him," he said, playing with my hair. I let out a sigh. 

"He'll be okay. He's strong enough." I was strong enough and he's a hell of a lot more resilient than I am. Neither of us really knew what to say. I was having a lot of memories I didn't talk about being brought up, but I told myself I'd be fine as Line hugged me. 

When dinner time rolled around, I helped Line cook to keep myself busy and out of Brody's way, but he seemed to appreciate the help all the same. We made another of Fate's favourites. Fate shuffled over to the table still wrapped up in the duvet, despite my coaxing. I sat next to him so I could make sure he ate. Between me and Line, he ate a fair bit of it, though I spent so much time getting Fate to eat, Line kept having to remind me that I was supposed to eat too. He cleared up once he was happy we'd both eaten properly, and I put on a movie, the four of us sitting down to watch it in a suitably snuggly fashion. 

Fate got a bit funny about us all being so close to him, so I shuffled away to give him some room, telling Brody to do the same. He did so reluctantly, though he looked glad that Fate calmed down once he had some room. 

He fell asleep after a while, but it wasn't before he had nightmares and woke up in tears. I tried to give him a cuddle, but he scrabbled away from me, taking the duvet with me. 

"Fate?" I asked gently, crouching down near him. He just kept crying, and I looked up at Line, silently asking him what I was supposed to be doing. He sat down with Fate, promising him that everything would be okay. Fate clung to him. I got a box of tissues, feeling pretty fucking useless. 

"Therapist," Line mouthed at me. I conceded; I couldn't let Fate suffer, could I? I'd be no better than Brody. I went and found the phone book, looking up a bunch of therapists and promised to call in the morning when they were open. Nodding, Line put Fate to bed and snuggled with me. I snuggled back, but I was too worried about Fate to really enjoy it. 

The End

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