Brody: Share him.Mature

I zipped up my bag, deciding it was time to leave.  "Get lost. You're not having him, end of." Fate was still all wide eyed and innocent looking, and the guy just kept watching him, not moving a muscle. I shouldered the bag, lifting Fate up, intending to leave. The guy put a hand on my arm to stop me and I turned, growling at him. I was incredibly close to snapping. I wanted to pin this guy out in the sun and watch his skin peel from his bones. My blood was boiling. “This is your last warning,” I told him.

"You wouldn't try anything in here,” he chuckled a little. He was arrogantandstupid. I decided I didn’t just want to watch him burn, I wanted to torture him first. "I want him, even if it's just for a little while." Without even looking away from his face or giving him any warning, I stamped on his foot, hearing a satisfying crunch as at least one toe snapped. His jaw clenched.

"I did tell you it was your last warning. Next time the damage I do won't heal. Don't push me again."

"Why won't you share him?" he asked.

"I don't want to. It's as simple as that," I replied calmly.

"Scared he'll find someone better?" he smirked.

"No." I wanted to break every bone in his body and hear him choke on his own blood. I didn’t let it show, though. Aside from breaking his foot, I didn’t let myself do any of the things that were running through my head. The guy glanced at Fate, and so did I. Fate looked decidedly like he wanted to be somewhere else. Seeing that had me out of there as fast as I could move; I wasn’t going to keep him somewhere he didn’t want to be. He buried his face in my neck and I kissed the top of his head comfortingly, walking over to the car.

I drove us out of town, ignoring the speed limits. I would rather have a speeding ticket than a jail sentence for murder.

“Who was that creep?” Fate asked after a while.

"I don't know. He's been watching for a while, but I didn't think he'd do anything about it,” I answered, unable to keep the anger out of my voice anymore. Fate was watching me and had put a hand on my thigh. I glanced at him and then the speedometer. I think he was trying to think of a way to calm me down. I slowed down, more for his sake than anyone else’s, and he sort of stroked my thigh a little. I growled slightly, my rage bubbling out of my mouth before I could stop it. "The next time I see him will be to rip his head from his shoulders.”

“Calm down sir,” Fate’s innocent voice had me apologising and pulling over in a hotel parking lot. I think we were probably about three towns away from home by now. It didn’t seem to bother Fate, though; he was smiling. I sat there for a while, trying my best to calm down. Pulling Fate into my lap, I wrapped him in a tight, protective hug, drawing a hum from him as I kissed his shoulder.

"I won't stop you from fucking others, if that's what you want, but I hope you know I'll never let you go to creeps like that, or rent you out." I didn’t care that other dominants rented out their subs. Each to their own and all that. But I would never do that to Fate. Just the idea of someone else having him made me feel a little sick.

"Why would I want to fuck anyone else?" he asked innocently.

"He was right when he said you might learn something from others. It's entirely your own choice, though," I mumbled, not wanting to admit that he was right in any way.

"If I learn anything new I want to learn it with you." I don’t think he had any idea how much that meant to me. I kissed his head.

"I think we'll stay here for a couple of days. I don't want that bastard knowing where we live. You can wear my clothes while we're here."

He nodded. "Yes, Sir." I slid out from under him, pulling the overnight bag I keep packed and ready at all times from the trunk of the car before taking him inside. I paid for a few nights in a nice room on the top floor.

Fate sat on the bed, watching as I dumped the bag on the chair by the dressing table. I pulled out my set of spare clothes and put them down next to him.

"Whoever said being constantly paranoid was a bad thing?" I smiled a little, my comment making Fate laugh. “You okay?” I asked, sitting down with him.

“Mhm. You?”

I nodded, thinking about it for a moment. "I still want to kill him, but I think I've calmed down now." He took my hand, looking perfectly content as I planted a kiss on his cheek. Considering what had just happened, he looked fairly happy. I hoped he wasn’t just pretending for my sake. 

The End

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