Lazarus: RepaymentMature

On the drive back, I figured I should probably try and repay him for at least a little of the effort he’s spent on me lately, so I suggested stopping off somewhere for a pizza. When he agreed, I started looking for somewhere to eat. I found this nice looking Italian place, advertising their ‘famous stone baked pizza’. We were given a booth seat near the back of the restaurant, which was kinda cosy. As he was looking through the menu, I told him he could order whatever he liked, it was my treat. With a ‘thank you’, he made his choice. I was too busy trying to find something small, given my inability to eat much lately.

Line surprised me once more as he took my hand, sharing a smile with me. I glanced down at our fingers locking us together.

“So does this make it a date?” I half joked with a light laugh.

“If you want it to be,” he chuckled.

I instantly felt like an idiot, and my cheeks were burning as I replied, “Only if you do.” He smiled, but I was too embarrassed now. I guess I did want it to be a date, in a way. I mean, I missed Fate like fuck, but he hadn’t even called, despite saying he wanted to be friends. There wasn’t a chance in hell I was going to get him back, so there was no point in moping, right? I just had to make sure I didn’t end up hurting Line in the process.

He kissed my cheek, completely derailing my train of thought, for which I was entirely grateful. I squeezed his hand a little in silent thanks and he returned it; everything was pretty much all going exactly how you would expect a first date to be, I suppose – we were being all cute, I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, he looked like he wasn’t all that bothered and we were out for a meal, confronting the general public with our first date mush. And y’know what? The general public did not appreciate it. The waiter was the one to let us know how he felt about it. He took down our orders, glaring a little at us holding hands. I was so fucking used to people taking offence at my sexuality that I didn’t even care anymore, but I suppose Line had never had to deal with this kinda thing before. Which would probably explain why he ended up having a go.

“Is there a problem?” he enquired, glaring straight back at the waiter. The waiter just nodded at our handholding, not brave enough to openly admit that he didn’t like the fact we were both guys. “So?”

“So it’s wrong. It’s a sin, y’know?” I rolled my eyes. Here we go.

"So what if it's a sin?" Line demanded.

"So you should stop being gay and go pray for forgiveness," the waiter replied. I was trying not to laugh in this guy’s face and Line looked amused.

“And who should I go pray to?"

"God, of course."

"Should I be on my knees while I'm praying?" I almost giggled. The waiter on the other hand, was glaring daggers. Line just gave him an innocent look.

"Are you Catholic?" I asked, leaning forward a little, determined to end this before it turned ugly. He nodded. "Awesome. Me too. I'll see you in church,” I winked at him, grinning a little as Line laughed at the guy’s look of disgust. “Oh and tell your manager I want a word." I smiled sweetly, watching as the waiter retreated like a kicked puppy. Line leant on me and I kissed his cheek, eliciting a smile. Someone else must’ve overheard, because the manager appeared, and I’m pretty sure that after that the waiter wouldn’t have gone and fetched the person that was likely to fire them. I was given a full apology and a fifty percent discount on our meal with the promise that it would never happen again.

Line surprised me with a kiss once the manager was done apologising, but I kissed back, both of us snuggling up to enjoy our dinner together. By the time I was halfway through my dinner, I was too busy cuddling Line to eat properly. I just kind of abandoned my food, more interested in the snuggles. He snuggled back, smiling at the look of contentment that was apparently on my face. Every time we saw that waiter, Line would kiss me just to piss him off, and I would drag it out to rub his nose in it. It was the most fun I’d had in a while, and I was glad that the waiter hadn’t managed to ruin our evening. When he was done eating, I asked if he wanted anything else or wanted to do anything for the rest of the evening, but he didn’t, and was quite happy to just laze around at home.

I was in a good mood by the time we got back home. Good enough that I paid Lucky to stay out of the house for the next twenty four hours, anyway. No, I was not expecting sex. I just... wanted the house to ourselves. Line looked kind of amused.

“What?” I asked.


“I’m not expecting anything,” I told him defensively, feeling my cheeks heating up again. Why did they keep insisting on doing that? I don’t think I’ve blushed this much since I was first with Gabriel.

“I wouldn’t mind if you were,” he responded smoothly, planting a kiss on my cheek with a smile. 

The End

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