Lazarus: FazioloMature

To say Line's question surprised me would be an understatement. What did I want? I had no idea. I mean, it was good having him around and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting attached to him but that was just because he was always there for me and he'd been around so much the last few weeks. 

I'd managed to sneak myself a few drinks while I was cleaning up last night's mess, so by the time the living room was cleared, my head was a little fuzzy; comfortable and warm. I brushed my teeth to hide the smell of alcohol on my breath before settling down to watch TV with Line and Lucky. Everything still reminded me of Fate, and smelled of him faintly, but here, with my head on Line's shoulder, it was a little easier to deal with. If my head was comfortable and warm from the alcohol, it was even more so with Line's scent filling my senses. 

I found myself falling asleep on his shoulder more and more often, and more and more easily. It might've worried me if I wasn't so dependant on him to keep me balanced right now. I felt him lift me up and softness enveloped me as he put me in the bed. The sheets had been changed and it smelt of soap powder now. I nuzzled my pillow, wishing Fate was here in the bed with me. I didn't have long for that thought to cross my mind, though; sleep took me away from it quickly enough. 

I woke up late the next afternoon. Apparently I was catching up on sleep I missed when Fate went. I caught sight of myself in the mirror when I went to shower and figured I'd shave while I was at it. Line was making himself a late lunch when I got downstairs. He flashed me a smile as I flopped down on the sofa. 

"You look better after a shave," he chuckled. I laughed quietly, agreeing with him. "Can I get you anything?" I shook my head, switching on the TV. 

"I'm okay thanks." Lucky had left his newspaper on the coffee table. I flipped through to the adverts, looking for a cheap piano. I found a second hand one. A brand wasn't mentioned, but I'd be glad enough to play anything after so long. 

"You play piano?" Line asked, noticing I'd circled it, just in case I went for it. I nodded. 

"I was a pianist as a human, it's just something that stayed with me," I told him, earning a smile. "I haven't played in a while. Not since I lived with Brody." I pretended that living with Brody meant nothing and that thinking about my piano being in his apartment wasn't a painful thought. I fixed my eyes back on the ads, hoping that I could successfully pretend that I was okay. I was a little surprised that he put his head on my shoulder, but I found myself kissing the top of it anyway, half out of habit. He let out a hum snuggling up to me a little when I put my arm around him. I snuggled back, sort of wondering where things were heading after that night we had sex. I wasn't exactly ready to move on, despite how much I appreciated the snuggling, and I really didn't want to rebound on him and end up hurting him. 

As he went back to his sandwich, I pushed it to the back of my mind, looking around and wondering where I could put a piano in here. Line suggested a few places and I nodded, agreeing. I looked back at the price listed in the advert and gave in. I'd play it before I paid anything and negotiate. Unwillingly, I dislodged Line and got up to give the owner of the piano a call. She agreed to let me go see it in the evening when she got back from work, gave me her address and hung up. I shoved the scrap of paper I'd written the address on in my pocket and turned to Line.

"I'm gonna go look at it later," I announced. I wondered if he would come just to make sure I didn't get drunk instead. Either way, he ended up coming with me, not seeing much on the way. I get the feeling he was just glad to see me in a good mood that wasn't alcohol induced. 

The old lady let us in and showed me to the piano room. I looked it over, expecting it to be some cheap piece of shit. Except it wasn't. I couldn't keep the excitement off my face when I saw it was a Faziolo piano. I don't think she knew what she had in her house. I sat down and played around on it, playing something I wrote when I was a kid trying to impress his new crush. The old lady made a comment about it going to a much better home, which made Line smile. I smiled too, telling her I'd take it. We arranged the delivery and I paid her the money she’d asked for in the advert. I felt a little bad keeping quiet about what it was really worth, but I didn’t really have money to throw around on it. As me and the lady were making the arrangements, Line came up and hugged me from behind. I was a little surprised, but a hum found its way out of me and I leant into him a little, not entirely sure what to make of all this extra affection as he planted a kiss on my cheek. I enjoyed it all the same, though. 

The End

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