Lazarus: Tough As Nails.Mature

For the first week that passed after the full moon, I was pretty patient with the others, while they rested and healed up from being shot at by the hunters. I mean, I was anxious to get out there and actually do something about them having him, but Gen and Line both put their efforts into keeping me calm and reassuring me that Fate is ‘as tough as nails’. By the middle of the second week, everyone was pretty much healed up and in good enough condition to go, other than Gen, who was still very pregnant. When I started talking about how we should get going, I was told to be patient.

I knew Line was keeping an eye on me. I wanted to go by myself and take them on and I was pretty confident now I was healed up I’d be pretty capable of taking them on if I was careful and picked them off one by one when they left the warehouse alone or something. So I spent more and more time outside of the house, smoking, sometimes drinking to try and convince myself that he was okay and didn’t need me. If I was drunk, I’d be no use, so he wouldn’t need me. It made sense in my head.

Sometimes, I’d tell them I was going to the shops to get something. It wasn’t a lie really, I just happened to take a very long route around through the industrial estate while I was out. Usually, I’d drink whatever I’d bought on my way back and return to the house completely drunk.

By the third week, my patience with the pack had worn thin. I started following the hunters, and sure enough, when they were alone, they were totally vulnerable. Idiots. I could kill them easily.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one doing a little surveillance work. Line had been following me. I hadn’t even realised before, not until I’d been about to tackle one of the hunters and break his neck. He dragged me away from him and my opportunity was gone. I growled at him.

"What're you doing? I could've killed him,” I said irritably.

"Lazarus, we're not killers."

"If we don't kill them, they'll only keep trying to kill us," I argued.

"I know, but it's Gen's orders."

"She doesn't have to know." Line let out a sigh. "You don't have to be involved in this, I can take them out on my own."

"If you do, I'll have no choice but to tell her," he threatened. I gritted my teeth.

"I can't leave Fate in there any longer."

"I understand that, and I promise you we're going after him soon. But if you harm any one of those hunters, I'll have to tell Gen and chances are Fate'll have to choose between you or us.” I didn’t say anything. I was too busy trying to decide what to do.

"What you do is up to you, Lazarus. I just hope you make the right decision." He started trying to walk off, but he wasn’t getting out of this so easy.

"I want the rest of the pack to help me."

“And we will.”


He shrugged, “Ask Gen.” I growled, taking off. I needed to run off my anger before I did do something stupid. I got back before Line did. Apparently I run pretty fast when I’m pissed off.

Gen was sat on the sofa when I got in, just eating and chilling out, or whatever it is pregnant women do. I wasn’t too interested in what she was doing to really care; I had to ask her when she would help me.

"When're you gonna let me get Fate?" I demanded.

"When Theo stops being stubborn,” she replied.

"You're the alpha, surely it's your decision?"

She nodded. "But as you can see, I'm in no state to go being a hero. I've told the others that you're in charge of the whole thing, but since you and Theo don't seem to get along, he's refusing to take orders from you." Fucking hell. Theo really has his head up his ass doesn’t he? He doesn’t have to like me in order to help save someone from his family.

"For fuck's sake. He's more pissed about taking orders from me than he is about the hunters having Fate? They might've killed him by now because of him," I was trying not to yell. It wasn’t Gen’s fault that Theo was being a dick.

She shook her head. "I've been sending Chase out there. He can still smell him."

"I know he's still alive, but what if he wasn't? What if Fate had died just because Theo has issues with me." Gen didn’t look like she really knew what to say. "Y’know what? Fuck Theo. He doesn't have to help me if he doesn't want to. I'll get Fate back without him, just let him know that if he chooses not to help, that he can stay the fuck away from the warehouses. If he's not gonna help, he's not gonna have anything to do with getting Fate back." He could explain to Fate that the reason he was kept there by the hunters so long and hurt so much was because of him. He could watch Fate stop trusting him. I didn’t care. Gen sort of nodded.

"I'll tell him when I see him," she told me.

"I'm getting him back tonight,” I promised her. Like Line said to me before, it wasn’t just me that wanted him back.


I wondered if I’d need a gun at all. It wouldn’t be fair if the hunters had ranged weapons and I didn’t. I didn’t wanna piss the others in the pack off though, by killing anyone, no matter how much they deserved it. I was sat outside watching the sun in the sky and the shadows it cast around me. The longet the shadows got, the more relaxed I felt. I was going to have him back soon, and hopefully, no one was going to get hurt at all tonight.

A longer shadow appeared behind me, moving around until I could see that it belonged to Line.

"What did she say?" he asked.

"We're getting him back tonight, and Theo can stay here with his head up his ass," I told him, trying to be as polite as possible.


"Gen said it was up to me to give the orders on how we got him back, and Theo decided that because he doesn't like me that Fate was going to stay there being tortured for weeks.” Line didn’t say anything to that and I guessed it was probably because I was badmouthing a member of his pack. I ignored it and carried on. "We leave at sunset, go to the warehouse and draw the hunters out. One or two might stay inside with Fate, but I'm sure you guys will be fine handling them. I'll use myself as bait to lure them away and give you a good chance of getting Fate and yourselves out in one piece. Sound okay to you?" He nodded. "Good. I don't want anyone to follow me or do anything stupid; I want everyone out of that place alive and unhurt. I will try not to kill the hunters, but if I have to I will, I hope you'll understand." I’d drop by Brody’s before we went. I know he had a gun on him before, so the chances were he’d still have it somewhere. He nodded again and I fell quiet. I had nothing else to say, really.

"It might be better to keep Dash here or take him with you. He's the fastest we've ever seen, but he's too jumpy."

"Anyone who isn't up to coming can stay here. If I'm gonna have most of those hunters chasing after me, I want to be able to guarantee that I'm the only one they'll risk hurting."


The End

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