Lazarus: Thank YouMature

I woke up knowing that I had rambled a lot in my half asleep state, but not entirely sure of what I’d actually said. I could’ve stayed where I was and worried about it to the point where I was likely to do something stupid, but I was too comfy where I was, all snuggled up with Fate. I pulled a sleepy hum from him with a nuzzle and smiled to myself against his skin.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Sleepy. You?”

“I’m okay,” I replied. In fact, I was more than okay. I’d managed to sleep pretty well for once. “Why’re you so sleepy?”

“Didn’t sleep much,” he said with this nonchalant shrug like it was no big deal.

I ran a hand through his hair, sweeping it off his face, “any reason why?” he shook his head, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. “I didn’t say anything stupid last night, did I?” He shook his head again. Not knowing what to say, I planted a kiss on his neck, following it up with a few more when he tilted his head for me. He let another of those cute hums escape him and I wrapped him in a cuddle, hoping that I could help him get some more rest. He cuddled back, looking incredibly sleepy.

“Go to sleep,” I said, kissing the top of his head. He shook it once more. “Why not?”

"Cause you're awake now."

“I don’t mind,” I smiled, “I don’t want you to be tired all day.”

“It’s fine,” he said with a shrug. Except that the poor guy was so tired that he managed to fall asleep anyway. I stayed in bed with him, glad that I had an excuse to just stay in bed all day.

I must’ve fallen asleep too at some point, because suddenly the bed dropped out from underneath me. I reached out for Fate, but I was too slow and already too far away. He sped up out of my line of sight and left me to fall. It didn’t take me long before I was scrabbling for something to hold onto, praying like hell that something would catch me. 

My hand smacked down on something hard and I grabbed it, certain I was imagining it. My arm felt like it was about to come out of its socket as my fall came to an abrupt halt, my body jerking like a ragdoll’s. I stretched up, nearly crying with relief as the ledge above me held my weight. My muscles felt like jelly, but I forced myself up onto the ledge, curling up in the middle of it, breathing hard. To feel something beneath me in my sleep once more was like a fucking miracle.

That was where my dream self stayed  until Fate’s lips woke me as they brushed against my cheek. I stirred a little, almost reluctant to leave the safety of my ledge, despite knowing now that it’d be there for a long time to come. He brought be back to reality gently as his fingers tangled in my hair. I smiled sleepily, half opening my eyes so I could see him.

“You want anything to eat?” he asked, returning my smile. I barely even thought about answering his question. Who needed food when you had the person you’d been waiting all this time for?

"You stopped me from falling,” I announced in a happy, sleepy croak.

“Wha?” he gave me that confused face that said he hadn’t been awake long enough to understand what I meant. I buried my head in his neck.

“The dream. You made it stop.” I glanced up to see him smiling and he planted a kiss on my forehead. “Thank you,” I said, nuzzling him. 

The End

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