Brody: Because I'm in a bad mood.Mature

Fate shouldn’t have taken Amy. If he hadn’t pissed me off, I wouldn’t have ended up breaking her legs. I didn’t want to think about the consequences if she found another vampire to finish what I had started. A pissed off newborn is a truly formidable weapon.

I sat and brooded for a while, hoping she’d die before they could do anything. I was still in a bad mood, and my bloodlust was unsatisfied. I’d wanted to paint my room with her blood, stain everything so badly that I’d have to replace it. The infection was my little trick – something I’d discovered I could do when Lazarus first tried to abandon me to living like this alone. I’d create a dependence within them, make them need me so they couldn’t survive without me.  That way even if they hated me, I wouldn’t be alone.

Pacing around my room, inhaling the scent of her blood wasn’t enough. I followed my feet out into the street. I’d find someone else. It wouldn’t matter if they had family. I wasn’t planning on the next one surviving more than a couple of nights. I made sure I looked friendly and trustworthy as I stood outside a nearby club, smoking and waiting for some drunkard to stumble outside.

It didn’t take long. She accepted my help gratefully, and the bouncers didn’t even blink an eye at me leading her away out of their sight.

“Whass your name?” she slurred, stumbling a little in her stupid shoes.

“Mark. Yours?”


“Let’s get you sobered up before you go back home, eh?” I suggested lightly and she nodded, pausing to throw up in the gutter. I hand her a glass of water and tell her to sit down on the couch. She dumbly did as I told her to and didn’t question – more likely didn’t even notice – that I was locking the door. Humans really are despicably thick.

“I’m getting a headache,” she complained as I perched on the edge of the sofa. I stroked her hair comfortingly and she closed her eyes.

“Rest then. I’ll pull the sofa bed out for you,” I smiled as she nodded. I pulled her up and opened up the sofa bed. She mumbled a thank you and flopped down on it. If she wasn’t so disgustingly drunk, she’d be pretty good looking. I sat beside her while she snored softly, deciding what to do with her. Settling on binding her so she couldn’t move, I set to work stringing her up in my room from the ceiling hook. I handcuffed her and tied those to the ceiling until the metal started to bite into her skin and she was raised off the floor like a lump of meat in an abattoir, then used a length of rope to tie her feet together. I was hungry, but I didn’t want to end up drunk from the amount of alcohol in her blood.

I wiped smudged eyeliner from her face and tied her hair back tight. I wanted to see her face when she woke up and began panicking. It didn’t take long. The pain in her arms soon had her leaving her short slumber behind. Her pretty eyes widened as she struggled.

“Help!” she cried out, wriggling. I smiled at her, watching her figure out what had happened. “You fucker!” she screamed at me. I took a minute or so of her abuse, amused as she tried to think of enough names to describe what a creep I was.

“Shh,” I said soothingly, still smiling, though I was beginning to get annoyed with her noise. I reached back into my box of unspeakables that sat perched on the edge of the bed and pulled out a ball gag. She kept shouting at me, demanding to know what I wanted with her, and what the fuck I thought I was playing at. “Shut up,” I snapped, my false smile falling faster than a lead balloon. She faltered for a second, uncertainty flickering in her eyes. Seeing the gag in my hand, she obeyed, probably hoping that she would get another chance to call for help. I let her keep that hope. Putting the gag in my pocket, I painted the smile back onto my lips and patted her on the head, making her sway gently, the movement drawing dark pink lines on her wrists. “Good girl, Katie. You ought to be careful. It might mean the difference between me letting you go and me killing you.”

She let out a quiet whimper. “Why are you doing this?” she asked in a more polite tone than she had used before.

“Because I’m in a bad mood, Katie. Someone pissed me off, and now you’re the one paying the price.”

“Why?” she whispered, beginning to cry. I watched her makeup run for a moment before answering.

“Because life’s not fair.” Black lines dribbled down her face as she cried, making almost as much noise as she had when she was yelling.

“Shut up,” I repeated irritably, punching her in the stomach to make sure she realised I wasn’t going to be any nicer to her just because she behaved. She sniffed, doing her best to catch her breath and quieten down. I stepped forward, breathing in her scent. Still too much alcohol. I tutted, lighting a cigarette. “Do you drink often?” I asked in a conversational tone, despite still being well within her personal space. She glanced at me, my face only a couple of inches away from hers.

She gave another pathetic sniffle, “no. I was celebrating my friend’s birthday tonight.” I nodded to myself.

“I see. Will anyone be expecting to hear from you tomorrow?”

“Of course,” she said defiantly. I reached up and snapped a couple of her fingers. She cried out and shook her head. “I doubt it.”

“Better. The more lies you tell me, the less likely you are to leave here alive. Is that clear?” She nodded miserably, and I hummed, glad she was beginning to understand her situation a little better. I stepped out of her personal space for a moment. “I’m going to make this more fun, I think,” I mused, looking around for what I could use. I felt her frightened gaze following me as I ripped the sleeve from one of Lazarus’ shirts. I moved behind her, watching as she trembled nervously. Tying the sleeve around her eyes, I hummed to myself. She whimpered, which only served to annoy me, really. I slipped that gag into her mouth and fastened it tightly. She struggled against her ties again, so I hit her a few times. I hit her hard enough that she started to swing. The handcuffs were turning red slowly as the swaying forced them deeper into her skin until she broke and bled.

The scent of her blood made my stomach rumble angrily, and suddenly I didn’t care if she’d drunk too much. I yanked her head to the side to expose her neck and sank my teeth in hungrily. She squealed wordlessly like a pig behind the gag her tears saturating the blindfold I’d made for her.

A bang on the door preceded the stench of dog into the apartment. Surprised by my rude interruption, I whipped my head around without letting go of Katie’s neck first, and consequently I took a chunk of it with me. She screamed and thrashed around beside me as the blonde traitor slammed into my room, his nose wrinkled at the smell of fear and blood.

“Brody,” he said my name warily as I spat the flesh in my mouth at his feet. “You don’t need to take your anger out on innocent people.”

“Who should be in her place, then? You? Fate?” I growled, finding the thought of Lazarus in her place incredibly appealing.

“No one should be in her place. No one needs to suffer, okay? I know you don’t like change, and I’m sorry it’s upset you,” he moves closer towards, but I grab Katie’s neck and he stops.

“Iwillinfect her too. Get any closer to me and she’s as hopeless as the last one.” Lazarus’ face creased as he tried to decide what to do. In an ill planned move, he launched himself at me. As he hurtled towards me, I spat my venom in her wound, my job done before he knocked me down onto the bed. Frustrated, he smacked his fist into my jaw.

“I’ve had so much patience for you, Brody, but I am very rapidly running out of it. I’ve let you pull me away from partners before because you couldn’t cope with it, but I am not giving up a mate this time. You have to fucking get over it.” I shoved him off me, sending him flying into Katie.

“You’ve abandoned me,” I shouted, kicking him across the floor before he had a chance to recover himself. “I get it, don’t worry. You’ve abandoned me, and stolen someone I actually had an attachment to from me. I love Fate. You stole him.”

“I didn’t know,” he gasped, clutching at his chest, “I’m sorry.” I lifted him up and stared him in the eye.

“Sorry doesn’t make any difference,dog,” I hissed, pinning him against the wall.

“I know it doesn’t, Brody-” the light in his eyes flickered out and his sentence was cut off as I cracked his head on the wall. Katie was sobbing loudly behind me. The gag wasn’t doing its job properly.

“Fucking shut up!” I screamed at her, my hand around her throat. 

The End

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