Lazarus: Quiet SexMature

I tried to get used to being in the pack’s house, but I couldn’t stop fidgeting. I waited restlessly for Fate to bring me some clothes, impatient and needlessly agitated. I closed my eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath.

When I opened them again, Gen was standing before me. The bed sank a little beside me as she joined me, and I glanced at her.

"Hey,” she smiled. "Sorry about Theo"

"It's okay. I deserved it"

"Not really. He doesn't understand what it's like when your mate's in danger.”

“That’s besides the point. I put the pack in danger. The rebuke I got was mild, so I’m grateful for that, at least.” My pack before probably would’ve put me in some kind of solitary confinement, or made me wear silver.

"Don't be so hard on yourself, kid. We all knew that vampire was there, we just didn't let it bother us,” she said. I laughed a little.

“Kid?” It’s been a long while since anyone’s called me that.

"I know you're old but I still reserve the right to call you kid," she told me and I nodded, smiling. She returned the smile.

“I s’pose it’s fitting. I feel like I’ve been grounded, like a naughty teenager,” I chuckled, Gen’s slight laugh merging with mine.

"You must feel like Fate, then.”

“Does he get grounded a lot, then?” I asked, trying to hold back the smirk I could feel trying to break through. She nodded, and I couldn’t really hold it back anymore. "What?"

“Guess who’s gonna spend all night getting teased,” I said with a small grin, which grew as she let out a laugh.

"He'll love you for that,” she told me, still laughing a little.

“He’ll definitely regret saying it’d be nice to have me around more,” I agreed. “Serves him right for being so attractive to vampires.”

She chuckled, "He hasn't been in trouble so much since he met you. Granted there was the whole thing with Brody but it was less than we usually have to deal with.”

“Vampires generally don’t want to touch anyone that’s been marked,” I shrugged, “Brody did it to keep Fate safe, not to mark him as his own. I’m glad he marked him – he did something for Fate that I’d have to be his shadow to do.”

"As long as it keeps him away from vampires, I don't care," she flashed me a small smile and I sighed. Gen tilted her head, and I turned my gaze to the floor.

“I don’t really have the right to bargain with you on it, but I’d appreciate it if we could still see Brody. I know we’ve been over this already, but...” I trailed off, unsure of how to word what I meant. She let out a slight sigh of her own at that. I wish I could just disconnect myself from him easily, fit in with the pack, but aside from the fact that I’m the only one that can really control him during one of his episodes, I still cared for him. You don’t just fall out of love straight away, even when you know you love your current partner.

"You can still see him on two conditions,” I looked back up at her, waiting for the conditions. "No biting and no sex. I don’t know which on grosses me out more." Her face twisted into one of mild disgust, almost as if to prove to me that it grossed her out.

“Should be easy enough,” I nod. It’s not like Fate will be having sex with anyone else now we’re mated – or at least, I would hope not – and it wouldn’t be too hard to keep Brody from biting either of us. And if he did, he can heal away the bite marks.

“Good,” she smiled, stretching. "Tell me a bit about yourself. We don't really know anything about you, other than the fact that you and Fate can't have quiet sex.” I chuckled.

“Well, what would you like to know?”

The End

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