Brody: Finding FateMature

Me and the as yet unnamed wolf ran to Blake’s, him in his wolf from so he could keep up with me. When we got there, I pretty much broke in, to Blake’s surprise.

"What do you want?"

"Where's Fate?" I demanded.


"Fate. Where is he?"

"I wouldn't know," he replied, sounding irritatingly calm.

“How can you not know? You’re the only vampire in this town that would go anywhere near a marked wolf,” I did my best to match his calm tone, but I’m not sure how well I did.

"I haven't seen him since I took my mark off him. You ought to keep track of your things, little boy."

I growled. He probably wouldn’t piss me off so much if he didn’t call me ‘little boy’.  It’s not like I can help being young. “He said he was going home, but his pack haven’t seen him. It’s not like he’d have turned anywhere else.”

"Maybe he went somewhere else?"

“No one else would take him with a mark,” I reminded him.

"Who said I meant a vampire?"

“Even those that aren’t vampires aren’t so stupid they wouldn’t know what it meant.”

"Trust me, Brody, I haven't seen him. If I had, he'd be tied up and begging for mercy," he smirked, and I couldn’t help blanching a little at the thought of him with Blake like that. He chuckled and I flashed him a slight scowl.

"Don't scowl at me, boy," he warned.

“Don’t give me reason to then,” I replied coolly.

"I'm only telling you the truth. It’s not my fault you've lost your dog, is it?"

“Don’t you dare call him that,” I snarled, my voice low and hopefully at least a little bit threatening.

"Or what?" he smirked, "you'll set your other dog on me?"

“They’re not dogs,” I snapped.

"Oh? Would you care to inform me what they turn into?"

“Wolves, you bastard,wolves. Dogs are pathetic, domesticated animals. Wolves arenot.”

"I beg to differ."

I gritted my teeth and took half a step back, forcing myself to calm down. “Fine. I came here to find Fate, not fight with you.”

"Indeed. Although, it appears you've come with a present for me," he looked down at the wolf beside me, and I shook my head.

“He’s from Fate’s pack. He’s not for you.”

"Shame, he looks like he'd be pretty." I sort of pushed the wolf back away from Blake, feeling oddly protective over him, despite not even knowing his name. "Y'know, I think I may remember seeing Fate after all," he said kinda casually after a pause. I looked at him warily. "He didn't stop to say hello but I smelt him. That was at least a week ago, though." Helpful. I sighed, kind of frustrated.

“’Kay, well, thanks for the help,” I said, doing my best to not sound as sarcastic as I wanted to.

“Oh you're more than welcome,” he replied, somehow even managing to make his grin like a smirk. I sort of made sure the wolf was in front of me as we walked away. Just in case. Not like I didn’t trust Blake or anything.

Once we got outside, I caught Fate’s familiar scent, and from the look on the wolf’s face, he had caught it too. He set off, following the scent, and since I trusted a wolf’s sense of smell better than my own, I followed him. The scent led us into the forest. From the moment we hit the woodland, I relied totally on the wolf to lead me, my senses swamped by unfamiliar smells. He took us to a tent, where Fate was sat outside of it on the ground.

The wolf jumped on him, licking his face with enthusiasm. I smiled a little, standing back out of politeness. Eventually, the licking stopped, and the wolf sat down next to Fate, wagging his tail happily as Fate flashed me a little smile. I moved forward, and knelt down with him, planting a kiss on his damp cheek.

“We’ve missed you.”

“Sorry,” he said.

“There’s no need to apologise.”

“Oh.” I hesitated the tiniest bit before wrapping my arms around him in a hug, kissing the top of his head when he hugged back, drawing a hum from him. Lazarus wasn’t the only one that’d missed him. "This should be you and Lazarus, y'know?"

“Believe me, I’ve tried, but he won’t come out from under the desk. He’s been under there pretty much ever since I told him you’d gone home without waking him up to say goodbye.” His sad face appears, and I instantly feel the need to back track somehow. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I want you to come back, but I didn’t want to guilt trip you,” I laughed nervously, “sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he smiled.

“So who’s this, anyway?” I asked, nodding at the wolf, “he failed to tell me his name while he was insisting on finding you with me.”

“Dash,” he told me with a smile, scratching behind his ears. Dash looked all happy at this and his tail seemed to gain a life of its own as it flew back and forth even more.

“Dash,” I repeated, a smile growing on my own lips, “nice to meet you.” He made one of those noises that dogs make when they’re happy, and Fate smiled. “If you don’t want to come back, maybe Lazarus could come and visit? If you want him to, that is.”

"Yeah, that'd be nice. But I don't want to get in the way anymore."

I tilted my head a little, confused. “You were never getting in the way.”

"It felt like it the other night."


"You and Lazarus suit each other,” he told me.

“As housemates and fuck buddies. I can’t really see myself being more to him than that.” I guess Fate going, and me telling him pretty much what I just told Fate were both big enough factors in him spending a week hiding under a desk. I sighed, and Fate didn’t say anything. “Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, just not in a boyfriend kinda way... I know you two like each other, though. You suit each other too.”

“Do we?” he asked. I nodded. I could see it lasting, anyway. He smiled a little. I let out another small sigh.

“I don’t like seeing him so down. I don’t know how to cheer him up.”

"Tell him to come visit me. I should probably go home for real this time," he said, stroking Dash’s head.

“If that’s what you want.” He nodded, and I gave him a smile, standing up.

“Then I shall leave you to it. I’ll be back with Lazarus soon, hopefully.”

He nodded again, "I'll be back at the house, probably." Keeping that in mind, I set off through the woods, following my own scent back into the town. Time to tackle Lazarus. 

The End

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