Brody: OutMature

By the time I got back home again, I was drunk. Incredibly drunk. I’d gone to a different bar, angrily fucked some guy in the toilets, probably nearly killed him from drinking too much blood, and then proceeded to get completely wasted. I was used to not feeling anything. I woke up, I worked, I went to a bar to get blood and sometimes laid, and then I came home to Lazarus. That was it. I didn’t like it changing, especially not like this.

I stumbled in about the same time as the sun started rising. Fate was sat on the couch, which kind of ruled that out as being my bed for the day. While I was trying to think of where else to sleep, the floor found me, and I figured that was as good a place to sleep. He got up and sort of tried to help me get up, except that my body didn’t want anything to do with it, and stayed completely limp.

To say he didn’t struggle would be a lie. He dragged me over to the couch and I flopped onto it, deciding it was indeed to be my bed for the day. I was hardly gonna go near my bed til someone had changed the sheets at the very least. My flopping onto the sofa had kind of pulled Fate down with me, and he fell on top of me a little bit. I looked up at him as he said something that sounded like it might have been a ‘sorry’. Instead of forcing myself to try and reply coherently, I rolled over and smushed my face into the back of the couch. I grunted as Fate tried to get off me without disturbing me, and I think he apologised again. Someone put a pillow under my head and a blanket over me. I think it was blondie.


When I woke up, it was dark. None of the lights had been turned on, but somehow, something was still too bright. Something on the floor. Lazarus. The bright blonde wolf was staring up at me, the light of the half moon outside reflecting off his eyes. Fate was still in his human form, curled up with blondie. I squinted around, wondering why the fuck I was on the sofa. I guess that had something to do with why I had a hangover. I groaned as my head pulsed, feeling like it was about to explode.

Fate got up and fetched me a glass of water and some painkillers. I thanked him quietly and downed them, grabbing Lazarus by the scruff to wash it all down with a healthy dose of blood. I could feel Fate’s eyes on us, but I ignored him, dropping the wolf when I was done. He didn’t make a sound. He was used to me being a lot less friendly than that when I was drunk, or hung over. Fate rushed over to make sure blondie was okay. I almost felt like snapping at him to stop fawning over Lazarus like he was the holy grail or something, but resisted the urge as Lazarus licked Fate’s face, assuring the pup that he was okay.

Smiling, Fate sat with his legs crossed on the floor next to the wolf, looking up at me. I glanced at him, and he turned his smile on me, but I just gritted my teeth. I needed to be drunk again. Things were better when I was drunk. He arched an eyebrow at me.

“What?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I’m going out.”


“What else is there for me to do? Sit and watch TV while you two go at it like rabbits?” I tried to keep the sneer out of my voice, I really did.

"Sorry about that," he said, his gaze going straight to the floor.

“Why? It’s not like you’re not allowed to fuck each other, I just don’t wanna sit and listen to it.” Well, that’s one reason, anyways. I can’t really explain the other one, because how do you explain something when you don’t even know?

"Well we're not going to any time soon so there's no need for you to go anywhere."

“It’s fine, I’m hungry anyway.” He started up the puppy eyes, and Lazarus just watched us quietly. I wasn’t too sure why, but the two of them were managing to get on my nerves. I stood up and started to leave, because it wasn’t like I needed to get dressed, or find my wallet.

“Wait,” Fate said, and I did. "You know you can feed on me if you're hungry, right?"

“I can feed on blondie, too, but I prefer the taste of human blood when I’m hung over,” I lied. When I’m hung over the taste of the blood doesn’t make any difference at all. I just wanted to be out of there.

"Oh. Okay," he said, looking a little bit disappointed.

“I’ll see you later. And don’t forget to change the sheets.”

The End

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