Brody: Remember Now?Mature

Actually, it wasn’t cool. I’ve never liked looking flamboyant, or making my sexual preference obvious to the whole world.

That and the sun was fucking boiling.

Fate had been given the key to Blake’s house, and let us in. I went barging straight up to his room where he was asleep, and ripped open the curtains. He woke up pretty much instantly, shooting me a glare as he rolled out of the sunlight. I smiled.

“Morning,” I said.

"Can I help you?"

“You can start by taking your whore clothes back,” I told him, throwing the clothes he’d put on Fate at him, “and then you can remove your mark from him.”

"You can't tell me you didn't enjoy seeing him in them," he smirked a little.

“What’s the point, when I could just have him naked?”

He shrugged slightly. "I take it my little gift wasn't to your liking."

“If your idea of a gift is to tart him up like a little whore, and show off that you’d marked him, I dread to think what you used to do at Christmas.” He chuckled a little at that, and I flashed him a small smile. “Enough talk, get the mark off him. He’s made his choice.”

"Funny, I didn't hear him."

I pushed Fate in front of me, “what’s your choice, Fate?” I’d been confident in what he’d said at my apartment right up until that second. He froze and just kind of stared. “...Fate?” The guy just kept staring, and Blake let a smirk pull at his lips.

"Guess he's not so sure after all." I sighed. "Anyway, I've forgotten how to get my mark off. Try again next week." Next week, my ass. I grabbed hold of him and dragged him out into the sunlight burning through the room.

“Remember now?” I asked, watching him grit his teeth as I held him there.

“Nope,” he replied, his poker face on. Lazarus opened the window, letting in the last of the sun that the glass had been blocking. After all, you can’t get a tan when there’s glass between you and the sun. He glared and gritted his teeth more. Lazarus just smiled sweetly at him while I pulled him closer to the window. He tried to shake me off, but the sun screen was doing its job perfectly. I was barely feeling anything more than the heat, and I could quite happily keep it up until it wore off.

His teeth sank into my arm, and I let out a hiss, but I wasn’t giving in. I wanted to keep Fate safe, and I was going to get him away from the vampire, regardless of how much he bit me. He bit harder, trying to shake me off again as I grunted in pain. You’re not getting me off that easy, you fucker. I slammed his head into the wall next to the window, forcing a quiet groan out of him.

“Do you remember yet? Or shall I just keep holding you out in the sun? Maybe we can go down the park or something.”

"I honestly don't remember. Besides, it's hardly fair you getting two of them. Why don't we do a trade? Fate for the blonde."

“No way. It’s clearly not that hard to pick up more than one if I’ve managed to within the space of a decade. I’m sure a more experienced vampire like you can find your own wolves.”

He let out a hum. “I already have. He's over there,” he nodded at Fate and I growled.

“He was mine first, asshole. He was marked for a reason.”

"Then why was he out looking for a vampire, hmm?"

“Because I frightened him.”

"So let me keep him. I haven't frightened him yet."

“No,” I snapped, resisting the urge to slam his head into the wall again, “vampires like you just see someone like Fate as a disposable source of food and entertainment.” He nodded.

"Your point being?"

“My point being that he doesn’t deserve to be used like that.”

"And what exactly do you use him for?" he enquired. I didn’t resist my urge to hurt him that time.

“I don’t use him, prick.”

"Well what else do you want him around for?"

“You wouldn’t understand.” I don’t fucking understand. I just know he’s more than sex and food.

“Try me.” I opened my mouth to try and explain what I meant, but I honestly couldn’t think of anything. I’ve never understood emotion, and up til now, I’ve never really needed to, either. Fuck. He waited.

“I... I can’t explain it. I can feel it, but I can’t put words to it.” Lazarus watched me kind of warily. He’d kind of come to expect the temper that comes with the times I don’t understand something that’s supposed to be easy.

“How sweet,” he said, his expression lined with sarcasm. My fist may have grown a mind of its own for a moment. He glared at me again. I was getting bored of this.

“Get rid of the fucking mark and I’ll leave you alone,” I demanded.

"Why should I? He's mine now."

“I asked nicely, Fate made his choice, just like you suggested, and I’m losing my fucking patience,” I was beginning to shout, and Lazarus looked like he was gonna be stuck with a permanent frown.

"Like I said anyway, I can't remember how."

“Well remember, ‘cause I’m about to throw you out of the window.” Did I mention I was losing my temper?

The End

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