Brody: apologiesMature

I had this feral need to mark Fate and make him mine as he lay spread eagled on my bed, his limbs tied so they were stretched out, all his body naked and at my mercy. His cheeks were a light shade of pink, but he was clearly turned on by his predicament. I'd bitten him plenty of times, and my cream coloured sheets were a mess of different stains, but it wasn't enough. I could feel something else in me, raring to be unleashed.

I recognised that feeling, despite its unfamiliarity. It was the vampiric instincts inside of me, the ones that Lazarus had managed to help me control when I was a newborn. Doing my best to ignore it, I dragged my nails down the inside of his thighs, growling slightly. He let out a delicious quiet whimper, and I hummed.

"I want to mark you," I purred in his ear softly, "make you mine." He bit down on his lip. "Would you like that?" he nodded slightly, and I grinned down at him, that feral urge inside of me sparking in my expression. I sank my teeth into the flashy bit just above his right hip bone, the taste of his blood sending shivers through me, and the sound of his hum making me clench my jaw a little tighter. I was going to make sure he had a scar to be proud of. As my fangs dug into his body further, he let out a moan.

Fate wriggled his hips a little, but I didn't really notice, more focused on the taste of his blood pumping into my mouth, and the smell of Lazarus coming home. I lapped up the blood eagerly, licking it from my teeth, and savouring it like a fine cognac. I didn't notice Lazarus entering the bedroom until his hands gripped my upper arms and pulled me away from Fate. I snarled at him, feeling strangely satisfied as I saw the jealousy in his eyes. Fate cocked his head a little, looking at the blonde man holding me away from what I wanted most right then.

"You didn't mark him, too, did you?" he asked, and I laughed quietly.

"So what if I did?" Fate looked kinda curious, and I felt a smirk spreading across my lips. Lazarus' face twisted in consuming jealousy, and he let go of me, pushing me back away from him. I sauntered forward, closing the gap between us until he could see the blood still between my teeth, and backed him up against a wall. "My poor jealous boy," I hummed, not needing to touch him to keep him pinned where he was. I ran my fingers through his hair, tucking it behind his ear to expose his face properly. I could feel Fate watching us. "I can play with both of you, if you want. I won't leave you out, Lazarus."

"No," he whispered weakly as I stroked his neck, "I want him gone. I don't want you to mark him, and I don't want to share you."

We both looked over at Fate as he spoke with a pout. "So much for 'being better at sharing'."

"I'm sorry," Lazarus, mumbled, looking down at his feet, "I just can't."

"Well, I'm going to have to make an apology too, then, because he's mine, now, Lazarus, and you're just going to have to get used to it," I growled the words threateningly, pressing a thumb into his throat. His eyes widened, glistening with unformed tears. He shook his head, pleading silently with me, opening his mouth to say something. My lips curled up in a smile, and I cracked his head against the wall, knocking him out cold. "Oh, wait. No. I'm not sorry at all, blondie."

The End

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