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I stayed there a little longer, the sleeping pup still on top of me. The stars really were beautiful when you sat back and actually had a proper look at them. I didn't wanna be around when the sun started coming up though, since I hadn't put any sunscreen on before going out, and would burn up pretty much instantly.

So I lifted the wolf and carried him back to mine. Lazarus was not what you would call happy about it. He was sulking under the desk again, picking at the clothes I'd been making him wear, tugging bits of the shirt away from his skin moodily. He looked up, saw who I was carrying, and growled.

"Why are you bringing him here?"

"I could hardly take him back to his pack, could I?"

"You could have left him where he was."

"I'm not that much of an asshole, Lazarus," I grumbled, laying Fate down in the middle of my bed and pulling the covers over him. I shut the door behind me as I walked back out, seeing Lazarus still scowling at me from under the desk. I knelt down beside him.

"Fuck off," he said rolling over to face the wall. Frowning, I pulled him out from his little nest into the middle of the floor, ignoring his protests. Carefully, I stripped him of the silvery, bloodied clothes, doing my best not to hurt him any further. He let out a few whimpers and went all still.

"D'you want a duvet tonight?" I asked, leaving him where he was on the floor to pull out the sofa bed. He shrugged, and then nodded. I got a spare one from the airing cupboard and made the bed quickly. Lazarus kept whimpering and I frowned a little. Personally, I had quite a high pain threshold, but it was becoming clear Lazarus' wasn't quite so high. I patted the bed and he slowly got up, shuffling over and just as carefully sitting back down. I stroked his cheek and kissed his forehead. "You can shift if you want. But you're still under house arrest." He buried his face in my neck, his nose becoming wet and cold as he transformed. He didn't look much better in his wolf form, but I knew he'd heal quicker, and be at least a little more comfortable.

See? I'm not that much of an asshole, really.


By the time Fate woke up, I was working on a new building design at the desk, and Lazarus was on the sofa, watching me. He put his chin on my shoulder, smiling when I said ‘hey'. He glanced around at the white wolf on my sofa, earning himself a quiet growl. He'd mostly forgiven me once I'd let him out of those clothes and into his wolf form. That doesn't mean he was happy about it, though.

"Ignore him," I told Fate, noticing him looking down at the floor, "he's just being a bitch because he doesn't like sharing." He kept his eyes fixed on the floor anyway, just kind of standing where he was. "There's food in the kitchen if you want it." He shuffled off to the kitchen to get something to eat, and shuffled back over to me when he was done. He looked over my shoulder as I started working out where I'd gone wrong at some point in the design. It just didn't add up somehow.

I got the feeling that the mathsy shit I was doing was confusing to him, ‘cause he started nosing at the drawings of Lazarus I'd pinned up on the wall instead. I glanced up at them briefly. They were of Lazarus, mostly in his wolf form. There was something about it that was just so easy and beautiful to draw. My gaze flickered over to Fate standing around being all awkward for a second before I told him to watch TV and relax. I knew without looking that Lazarus would be spreading himself out across the whole sofa, making sure that fate had nowhere to sit down.

"Lazarus, down. He's a guest, let him sit." He sulked about it, but got down, albeit reluctantly. I felt Fate's eyes on me.

"He can stay there if he wants," he said.

"No," I smiled, "you're our guest, and he's being incredibly rude." Fate glanced at the wolf, who had curled up next to my feet. He bit his lip a little, and sat down on the sofa. Lazarus just stared at him for a while, and I wondered if he was going to go and apologise like I'd asked him to while we were falling asleep last night.

As he stood stiffly and moved over to put his chin on Fate's knee, I twisted around to see what was going on. Lazarus looked up at him, and Fate gave him a small smile. The wolf huffed a little, and looked like he might actually be kind of saying sorry in a weird wolf-ish way. Either way, Fate seemed to understand it, and nodded, smiling. He padded back over to me, and I stroked the fur on his head approvingly, smiling as he nudged my hand in that doglike way of his.

Fate sort of cleared his throat, "I should probably get going."

"If you want to," I turned around in my chair.

"I don't want to get in anyone's way."

"You're not," I smiled, "I'm nearly done here."

"Oh," he gave me this tiny little smile in return, and I wondered if he actually wanted to go, and I was just showing off my social ineptitude again.

"I won't stop you if you do want to go, though," I said, tilting my head a little, hoping the confusion I was starting to feel wasn't showing on my face. He shrugged, and I didn't really know what to do or say. It didn't look like he did either, and I started feeling a little bit awkward. "I'll probably be at the bar again later, though, if you wanna meet up again." He nodded, glancing at Lazarus, who was only just about managing to contain his jealousy.

"Um... So, I'll see you later. Maybe."

"Sure," I smiled slightly, "I hope you don't get in too much shit for staying here."

"Yeah... Bye," he said, making a hasty exit. I watched him go and sighed.

"Why am I so socially awkward when I do more than pull people at a bar?" I asked no one in particular. Lazarus whined, resting his head on my lap and I put down my pencil, feeling it was about time for that break. 


The End

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