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I was nearly asleep myself when I heard the front door of the house open and shut. I stiffened, wondering what to do. My first instinct was to punch Fate and ask him what he was playing at, telling me there would be no one home while I was around.

"Fate?" I heard a sort of panicked voice coming from downstairs. Fuck. I shook him awake.

"You said no one would be home," I hissed irritably.

"Wha?" he asked sleepily, confusion in his voice and on his face.

"Fate? You okay?" the voice asked, starting to come up the stairs. I sit up, angry.

"Shit." Yeah, that's one word for it, pup. I zip up my pants, getting ready to make a break for it through the window, but he sort of clings onto me. The unknown wolf knocks on the door and I get up quietly. Fate just clings onto me even more. "Don't come in."

"You okay? The place stinks of vampire," the voice turned suspicious, and I started trying to get over to the window.

"I'm fine," Fate replied. "Don't go," he whispered to me.

"I have to, I'll be killed for good if I stay," I whispered angrily back. And no offence, pup, but as good as the sex is, you're really not worth me being torn apart by a bunch of angry wolves. At that point, the door opened, revealing the wolf stood behind it. He stared as fate attached himself to my leg, wrapping his arms and legs around it. I gritted my teeth, and the wolf looked afraid. I hoped to fuck none of the others were coming back any time soon. I can take on one or two, but a whole pack? "Fate, what're you doing? Let go of me."

"No," he tightened his grip even more, and if I wasn't already dead, I'd have been worried about the circulation to my foot. The other wolf started growling at me out of fear, but he whimpered as I faced him, baring my fangs. Bad dog. Sit.

I bent awkwardly and kissed the top of Fate's head, "I can't stay here, pup, I have to go." He gave me the sad face, but let go of me. I ran my hand through his hair quickly, but the small growl coming from the other wolf now wasn't one of fear. I backed off towards the window, to the sound of another, louder growl. There was a flash of white fur and a familiar, homely stink of dog moving behind the wolf, and then a growl. The wolf jumped, not looking too happy about Lazarus' sudden appearance. I groaned inwardly. Lazarus, having been the beta for his pack, and stupidly loyal to me, would attack anything that even looked like it might hurt me.

Fate glared as Lazarus pushed his way past the wolf and padded over to me, his posture and eyes telling me he was in protective mode.

"Get lost, mutt," the wolf growled at Lazarus. He was ignored though. Lazarus was too focused on circling me, making sure I was unharmed. When all he could smell on me was sex and anger, he stood between me and the wolf, ready for whatever was about to happen. The stranger shifted into his wolf form at that point - a sandy coloured beast, nearly as big as Lazarus, if not the same size. Their hackles went up, and the sandy wolf growled some more.

I grabbed Lazarus by the scruff, determined that we were leaving right then. "No fighting. Blondie, we're leaving."

The sandy wolf had other ideas. He went for Lazarus, who yelped and pulled himself free, retaliating. Fate decided to join in at that point, shifting into his wolf form, and biting Lazarus' leg. He was kinda small compared to the others two, but that hardly stopped him from drawing blood from Lazarus. For fuck's sake. I will never understand werewolves.

Lazarus did his best to defend himself against both of them, and in an effort to end the fight, I got a hold on Fate and dragged him off, earning myself a growl from him. The sandy wolf kept its focus on Lazarus, giving me enough time to chastise Fate.

"Bad puppy," I growled. Not letting go of him, I climbed out of the window, turning to the wolf. "Stop attacking Lazarus and you can have the pup back," I told him. I dropped out of their sight, down into the shade of the street below, not letting Fate bite me when he tried. A moment later, the blonde wolf jumped out of the window, landing beside me. Glancing up, I noticed the sandy wolf trying to follow him down, so I gestured for him to run. Once he was gone, I let go of Fate.

The stupid pup tried to bite my hand. I slapped him squarely across the muzzle, my strike having none of the playful tone my earlier ones did. "You said no one would be at home." He growled at me, and as angry as I was at him, I wasn't in the mood for another fight. I started walking, but the pup pounced on me, letting out a deeper growl as I stopped, standing my ground.

"I don't talk dog, Fate, there's no point just growling at me."

"No one was s'posed to be home. I don't fucking know why Dash showed up," he glared. I let out a sigh.

"Go inside and get dressed, Fate." That just made him keep glaring. "Why're you glaring at me?" I asked, my voice starting to rise in volume.

"Because your fucking pet came into    my     home."

"That wasn't my fault, pup, I didn't know he'd followed me."

"I don't care, he could've hurt Dash." Dash could've fucking hurt Lazarus.

"Well he didn't, so just drop it, okay?"

His glare had only lessened a tiny amount. "Whatever. Just fuck off, you're not worth the risk to my family." At that, he turned and vanished inside.



The End

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