The Adventures of Fate and BrodyMature

I moaned as a pair of fangs sunk into my neck roughly, pleasure coursing through my veins and no doubt making my blood taste that little bit sweeter. I tilted my head, exposing more of my throat and the vampire bit me again, sending another wave of pleasure through me. Let me explain; my name's Fate and I'm kind of a werewolf. And for some reason, being bitten by vampires really fucking turns me on. The blood being sucked out of my neck made a beeline for my crotch which vampy-kins was more than aware of. I probably could've gotten off from the biting alone and fuck knows it'd happened before but this guy was different. Me and him had been together a couple times before and every single time it led to sex. This time wasn't any different.

I slid my clothes back on once we were done, running a finger over the punctures in my neck. He could've at least had the decency to heal them for me. I sniffed myself as I peeled myself off the bed of the seedy little motel we'd gone to and wrinkled my nose at the stench of corpses that radiated off me. That was the one thing I didn't like about vampires; the stink. I rolled around on the carpet of the motel for a while, rubbing up against the walls and furniture in an attempt to cover up the vampire smell. It didn't really work. I sighed, dropping the room key off at the reception desk and headed for home, trying to come up with an excuse since my pack wouldn't exactly be happy. I flicked my hair out of the way as I walked, chewing on the two rings on the left side of my lip as I thought. The familiar scent of death wafted into my nostrils and I looked up in time to see a vampire giving me a disgusted look. He was kind of hot for a vampire.

"What?" I asked grumpily.

"Huh?" he said, looking around.

"What was that look for, fangs?"

"You stink"

"So do you"

"I don't stink of stale sex, blood, dog and vampire"

"No, you just stink like a graveyard"

He grinned, showing off his fangs. "Have fun explaining your rather unique fragrance to whatever mangy pack you belong to"

I jumped on his back as he walked away, growling "Take that back".

He ignored me, carrying on walking and I hooked an arm round his neck. He dislodged my arm almost as soon as I'd settled it in place.

"I appear to have a growth on my back, that's giving off a rather unpleasant smell"

"Fuck you" I growled.

"I'd rather not" he said and I growled again. "At least not until you've had a few showers" he smiled. "Would you mind getting off my back now?"

"Take back what you said about my pack" I said, sort of punching his back.

"Why should I? I've never met a pack worth respecting" he said disdainfully and I growled again. "I've met one wolf who has my total respect, but his pack can go to hell" he said, sounding a little bitter.

"Yeah well my pack are awesome"

"I'll take back what I said about them when they prove it to me. How's that?"

I bit his ear and he hissed.

"You're really testing my patience"

"Sucks to be you" I said, resisting the urge the stick my tongue out at him. I may be in my twenties but I was turned at like seventeen and I still acted like a teenager.

He pulled me off his back, pinning me against a nearby wall. I let out a slight gasp, getting the tiniest little bit horny all of a sudden. What can I say? I like a man who takes control.

"I'm really fucking hungry right now, so unless you wanna make yourself tonight's dinner, I suggest you go home" he said and I hummed. Apparently he noticed the bite marks on my neck then. "I don't take sloppy seconds" he dropped me, "go home, puppy"

I glared, watching him walk away a little and I picked up a stone, hurling it at his head.

"Who're you calling 'puppy', asshole?"

"That's what you are, isn't it? A pup"

"No" I glared.

"I'd say you smell like it, but perhaps the stench of all the other shit you've been rolling in is masking your age" he smirked slightly.

"Fuck you"

"I already said no once, pup. Get lost"

"You're fucking full of yourself, y'know that? And stop calling me pup"

He gave a small grin. "I do know. And pup suits you"



I glared and he smiled.

"Am I free to go yet? I wasn't joking when I said I was hungry"

I kept glaring at him and he glanced around before grabbing me and running to some motel at vampire speed. I bit my lip as he pinned me to the bed. I was definitely fucking horny.

"I hate taking sloppy seconds" he growled, his fangs out.

"If you hate sloppy seconds so much, why am I pinned to a bed?" I smirked.

"Because I'm hungry, and you've pissed me off"

He bit me, not being the slightest bit gentle. Which was just how I fucking liked it. I moaned a little and he started sucking the blood from my neck. I shut my eyes, moaning a little every now and then and the vampire guy covered my mouth to shut me up. I tilted my head instead, moaning in my head. He stood up once he was done and I tried to even out my breathing. It'd taken a lot of restraint not to get hard and the vampire had this kind of amused look on his face.

"What?" I glared.

"You actually enjoy that, don't you, pup?"

"Stop calling me pup"

"Then tell me your name. Pup"

"Fate" I said, glaring as he fucking said pup again.

"Fate" he smiled, "it's been a pleasure. Please excuse me"

"Not gonna tell me your name, bitch?"

"Why does it matter to you?"

"It doesn't. I'm perfectly happy calling you bitch"

"Then keep calling me it. I doubt you'll ever need to know my name anyway" he said and I let him leave, too busy trying to get my breathing back to normal and figure out how to cover up the smell of two vampires.

"Bye, pup" I heard him call down the hallway.

"Fuck you, bitch" I yelled but he was gone.

The End

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