Something StupidMature

So there I am, minding my own business, working out on the cross trainer with my iPod up full blast when what's-her-name taps me on the shoulder. The new girl. I jump, not having expected anyone to be in for ages yet. I see her lips move, but don't hear what she says. I pull an earbud out, guessing she probably said "hey" or something along those lines.

"Hey," I reply.

"Sorry, I thought you'd heard me."

"Don't worry about it. I'm just not used to anyone being in for another..." I glance at the clock, wondering how long it is til opening, "half hour or so," I smile. She smiles back.

"So are you feeling better now? You look like you actually slept." I nod, downing half my coffee in one go. She flashes me another smile, and wanders off to change.

By the time she gets back, I'm on the weights benches. She watches me for a moment, which is kinda weird. I mean, no one's ever watched me work out before. At least, they've not openly watched me. The moment's fairly brief, though, and she's soon busying herself on the treadmill, ready for her own work out.

When Marty gets in, followed by the morning reception staff, I start my warm down and go shower, so I can open up the gym and start the day. While I'm in the shower, I suddenly remember her name. Chrissie. Don't forget that again, Jamie, you idiot.

"So, I was wondering if you would let me run a dance class here once a week in the back room..." Chrissie says

"Maybe; we'll talk about it after your week trial." I hand her the uniform shirt we have here. We might not be a big chain gym, but we still needed a uniform of some kind - it pointed out to customers who they could ask for help, and it sort of helped make us feel like part of a team. I'm not too fussy what trainers wear as long as they wear the gym polo shirts and suitable pants. "I had to guess your size, sorry." I'd just grabbed it out of the cupboard in the office and hoped it would fit, to be honest.

"Ok, thanks, this looks about right."

"Not sure how many people would ask you to help them out if you don't look like an employee," I chuckle a little.

"That's true," she grins.


My lunch break with Marty rolls round pretty quick today. We settle down at the back of the gym café with sandwiches and soda and start to chat away the hour the way we usually do. Except that Marty seems a little on edge for some reason.

"What's up?" I ask with a tiny frown. He shrugs and shakes his head, but he seems to be debating whether to tell me anyways. Eventually, he lets out a sigh.

"Those guys who did your baby bro in have been hanging around town lately. I mean, I know it wasn't really on purpose but having them nearby is kinda off putting, y'know?" I stare at him. I never did get round to telling you why Sam's vanished from my life, did I?

Well, here it is: Sam was into fighting. But he wasn't a fan of WWE or anything... legal, per say. He liked a challenge, but he was always biting off more than he could chew. I'd picked him up from the hospital after some late night brawl more times than I care to remember. Anyway, he somehow managed to get himself into those underground cage fights. No rules, no protection and very rarely any kind of medic on hand. And without any kind of manager to help him pick his fights, he decided to go against someone he just wasn't ready to take on.

He was in a coma for about a month after that fight before the docs decided to finally pull the plug on him. Anyways, I'd only heard rumours about where the guy that killed him was, up until now.

"Jamie," Marty says warningly, "don't you dare be thinking of anything stupid." 


The End

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