I stay behind a few hours after Chrissie's gone, way beyond open hours, working my way through the paper work. Marty sticks his head through the door, apparently done cleaning the place.

"Hey man, I'm heading home now," he says, "you should too. No more sleeping on your desk, ‘kay?"

I nod, "Yeah, yeah, I'm nearly done. Another half hour," my lips pull up in a smile and he mirrors it.

"Alright. But if I find you here in the morning," he threatens jokingly, finishing with a laugh. I chuckle.

"Okay. See you tomorrow." He walks off, leaving me alone in the gym. Shaking off the eerie sensation of being left in a huge building alone, I turn back to the last of my work.


 The drive home is always quiet. It never used to be. I used to pick up Sam from whatever he'd been getting up to after school and we'd go grab a pizza or something to eat on the way back and well, y'know. It seemed like every day my baby brother had grown up a little more. He'd be pretty loud most days, pumping my car full of his shitty music or enthusing about some cheerleader's tits or something stupid like that.

But like I said, it's quiet now he's not around.

The house is quiet too. It's just me now Sam's gone. I stick the TV on for some background noise and walk into the kitchen to make myself a protein shake. I down that and munch on a granola bar before settling down to fall asleep in front of the TV.


My alarm goes off at four in the morning, screaming at me to get up and open up the gym. I groan, rolling over and hitting snooze. Most of the time, I'm alright at getting up, and get plenty of sleep in, but the quarterly bills and various bits of paper work that all come in at the same time really fuck me over.

I give myself half an hour on the snooze before dragging myself upstairs to have a shower and get ready. The rest of the morning is routine: drag self to car and persuade self to skip the Starbucks coffee because the gym has a cafe and I can use that, drive to the gym, open up, set up, run for twenty minutes, weight circuits - two sets of twenty reps, shower, put on training clothes, work.

In fact, my whole day is just one unbroken monotony these days. I'm twenty seven for Christ's sake - I should be doing something more interesting than running a gym just because my family left it to me.

Still, at least now all the paperwork is done I can go back to being alive during the day. 


The End

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