The adventures of Chrissie and JamieMature

Two people start to work together...and you have to read to find out more. ;)


My morning run is important to me. Firstly, it makes me feel good at the start of the day, but secondly if I didn't run, all the chocolate I eat would show. As I run flat out down by the side of the large pond that centers the park in the city, I check my wrist watch. Time to head back to get ready for my interview. I head down the quiet path in to the tree rimmed walk. My house is only ten minutes away, so I slow to a jog.

After repeatedly slamming the wrong key into the lock without realising, I finally got in to my house. Straight to the shower. The water trickles down my body, releasing all the tight muscles and ridding me off sweat. I brace myself against the wall and close my eyes. A positive attitude towards the interview. That's what my best mate Kay said.

'You're the fittest girl in this city, of course you'll get the job'

'Fittest girl huh? Then how come no one wants to have sex with me?'

'That's not what I meant.'

I grinned at the memory of last night. The two of us had sat with a movie and a tub of icecream, slowly eating away our 'single' sorrows. I always loved spending time with Kay; she made me feel better about myself.

When I'd finished in the shower I dried myself and dressed in the smart black trousers and fitted white shirt that I'd chosen last night. After a few attempts at doing something with my hair, I let it fall loose around my shoulders, in the curls it always fell in to. Then I grabbed my cv and my fitness bag with a change of clothes in it for dancing later, and headed out the door. My black heels clicked against the pavement as I strode towards the family owned gym I was trying to get a job at. Only five minutes from my house it was easy to get to, and I would get to do what I loved-fitness. I might even convince the guy to let me teach a dance class in the evenings. That would be a dream come true. Of course I might end up pushing paper...who knows?

I just hope Jamie Cross of Cross Gym likes me.

The End

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