The ABC Project

"Always so quiet this close to the meeting, anyone want to start us?" COO Bill Davis asked the awaiting staff of Action Business Company.

"But we never start this early." Audio Director Mark Gayhill commented.

"Cause no-one is ever here this early, but here we all are." Dirk Cassidy, Public Relations, noted.

"Don't jump the gun Dirk, not everyone is here." Mark fired back. At that point, CEO Scott Englemann walked into the room and took his seat.

"For once you lot arrive early to a meeting. It took you all long enough." He commented with a grin as he arranged a few fiscal reports before him.

"Gee, it only took us what, a year or so for this to happen?" Dirk inquired.

"Hell, even I showed up early today!" Tim Gerhard, Special Effects Co-ordinator noted. Laughter filled the room as the door was closed by a waiting intern.

"In any event that we can get everyone to show up early twice, I think we'll end up causing the end of the world." Bill commented with a grin.

"Just incase that happens, Scott, I want a raise so I can get my bucketlist done." Mark told his longtime friend.

"Killing off the list already you old fart?" Tim asked as laughter took the room again.

"I think it could be time to get a few things rolling." Mark replied as he relaxed in his chair.

"Just joking ofcourse?" Scott poked with a smile.

"Kim would never let me do half of the stuff on my list so not now." Mark answered refering to his wife. Both Bill and Tim rolled their eyes at the mention of his wife who Mark complained about in public but they all knew he loved her very much.

"Laugh it up guys but we need to get back to work here." Scott chided after a few moments of quiet digressing.

"Mark, how are the numbers from last month holding?" Bill inquired.

Mark leafed through a small notebook of fiscal notes as he searched for the previous month's reports on earnings and other business notes about the company, "Net Gain is around 3.5 to 3.7 percent which means Gross is about 2.3 give or take a tenth and productivity is up about 15%."

"Of-course this is all estimates right?" Scott asked.

Mark nodded, "People up in Accounting are having a hard time with some of the number crunching, apparently they have conflicting reports on High Flyer's opening earnings" High Flyer was the company's most recent movie that they worked on which was recieved well in the box office.

"Quite the problem Jack has then, we need those numbers by Friday otherwise we're going to be hurting." Scott noted.

Bill nodded, "Realistically I think our 15% cut of the movie works out to around three-hundrend seventy five grand."

Mark studied his notes and nodded slowly, "Sounds about right, might be different with taxes and deductions but it should come out to around that." Just at that moment, Head of Accounting Paul Bernstein waltzed into the room clutching the finalized reports.

"Took you long enough Paul, my grandma could have slung those numbers around faster than you and make them taste like apple pie." Dirk joked.

Tim shook his head, "Unless she can make peach cobler, count me out."

"Very funny Tim," Dirk noted.

"Well, don't leave us hanging Paul." Scott prodded.

"Xerox'd a copy for all of you but the numbers are looking good." Paul said as he passed out the report. Everyone took a look at the numbers and agreed.

"You feeling good Scott?" Bill asked as he grinned. The numbers were even better than expected.

"Zippy like a zebra on the open plains, Bill." Scott replied.

The End

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