Lust: Sex, Sex and more Sex!Mature

I don't care what I look like. I don't even care about my zits. I'm not Vanity, I don't wear this stuff to look good. Well, maybe I do to look a little good. Just as long as the shirt and the top is as short as you can make ‘em I'm happy. My hair's pretty thick, but only on my head, everywhere else it's not there. Not many people like going with a gorilla nowadays. And the colour of my hair is spiceberry, just to be interesting enough to capture someone's attention. I bet you were imagining a girl who talked in low, sexy tones who beckoned you forwards with innuendos. Well, I don't know who told you innuendos are sexy, they're really not! If you're gonna talk about sex just get straight to the point, no need for embellishments, no need to make it sound pretty coz it's really not. But it's pleasurable, and to humans that's the most important thing. If they didn't run out of energy they'd do it all day long. And I'm not being sexist or anything, but boys are worst, they don't even care if the girl is the ugliest person in the world, they'd still do it with her.

Gosh, I love it, from men and women. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, but boy when they're actually doing it with you all of them melt away. Girls are sensitive, they're there when you want a girly sleepover type emotional experience. Boys are there when you're feeling a little...animalistic. When you want your hair pulled and parts of you slapped and you wake up with bruises in the morning. Or maybe a boy and a girl at the same time. Only problem with a threesome, is the boy thinks it's all about him and it's really not, it's all about me, me, me. Lust is the centre of a threesome, I'm in the middle. I hate love, love is just the path taken to get to me quicker. And it's slow and boring and painful rather than pleasurable. There is no point to love, at all. Even mother's only love their kids coz their filled with endorphins, which is the same kind of chemicals that fall into the category of....that's right, Lust. Me! I'm hated by prudence as you probably know. Just coz she'd rather remain ‘pure' wherever that came from, hell she hasn't even been close to doing it with someone yet. I bet there's cobwebs down there. Now I've been with some people who have odd things down there. Warts and such, but do I care? Nope! Long as I can get my satisfaction it's all good. And for the humans it's exactly the same from what I've seen. I wasn't so popular with the puritans though, they seemed to like Prudence a lot more. But you'd be surprised how many business men adore doing it with me. Obviously their loving wives are boring, so they have to go with me instead which is absolutely fine. Lust will always have a place in the world, I'm so popular I'm in the minds of all the youngsters nowadays. Hell, that really pisses Prudence off, which makes me so happy. Humans love Lust so much they even do it with themselves they're that desperate for me. They'd do it with someone who doesn't want to do it. I rage through them like fire, and they can't seem to stop me. Which. is. absolutely. AWESOME! THe control I have over people! I can make someone have sex with anything that moves, children, animals, old people. Anything! Of course, the humans have set in laws about that now, but doesn't stop me. Doesn't stop them either. With my good old friends, temptation and curiosity anything is possible. It's what caused Pandora to release me and my sisters. It's the humans fault, they bring it on themselves by being so dumb. Well, I'm going out now. Word is that there's a party with a bunch of drunken teens just down the road. Gluttony'll be there, so I thought I'd join the party too, it's only a matter of time before they'll be begging me to go. See you next time you're with that boy or girl you like.

The End

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