Gluttony : Gobble Slurp Burp Oops!!Mature

Ask my sisters for all the history lessons and how we were allowed to enter this flavoursome world. Because I don't have the time to narrate an elaborate story. I have this wonderful hunk of meat set before me and a goblet of wine with infinite supply of the divine drink. How can I think of anything in the face of these wonderful creations?

Taking a bite of the tender meat, my tongue begins to salivate with the spices that the meat has been marinated in. My teeth snatch at the flesh and my tongue starts to suck at the bones. My jaw works up a frenzy of activity, and before I know it my chin is smeared with the meat's juices and my plate is wiped clean. I grab hold of the goblet beside my now sparkling dish and gulp down its rich contents. The goblet is never empty and I am never full. Now that's what I call true genius.

Once I am done with my snack, I head towards the kitchen. I pry open the refrigerator door, hoping to find something in there that could help wash down the tasty morsels that I have just devoured. I find a milk carton and some ripe, luscious blackberries. I pick them from the ceramic bowl one berry at a time, and pop them into my yearning mouth. The sweetness of the juices from the fruit erupt in my mouth in a symphony of all that is good and divine. My eyes close against the world in order to truly enjoy the explosion of flavours on my tongue in complete isolation with nothing to taint my sheer joy.

Having polished off the blackberries, I gulp down the carton of milk, feeling it flow down my throat, and enjoying the smoothness of it sliding down to my stomach. Eating and drinking are such joys. And I do mean it when I say this that they are my only love in life. My only ambition, and my only craving.

Enough about me. I have got to find me a nice big slice of cheese to negate the sweetness on my tongue. I am on my way!!

The End

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