Vanity - Me, Myself and IMature

Hmmmm. Ah. No, I think my hair looks better that way. And my dress really doesn't go with the shoes... Perhaps I should choose a different necklace...

Vanity. What a wonderful word. People think it's bad, but what's wrong with wanting to look nice? I don't see a problem. Let me tell you a secret - it's always the ugly ones who say vanity is bad. And why are they ugly? Because they aren't vain. Vicious circle for you, right there.

No, the lilac dress really isn't working for me.

If you talk to any of my sisters, they will tell you that they are the root of all evils, but it is not so. Why did Adam and Eve clothe themselves? What about the great Egyptian Pharaohs? I suppose they walked around in sacks, did they? And King Henry VIII?

Answer me that one.

No, it's really me. All me! But vanity isn't just about physical appearances - if you have power, you're vain, because you almost always want to show it off. Unless you're a miser, in which case you're vain because you don't want anyone to see it except you.

See? Everything goes back to meee!

I think the turquoise goes quite well with the shoes, don't you? I might need to re-apply my make-up, but what's that among friends? And I really ought to do something with this hair.

Not that I look bad. I never look bad. Bottom line. Number one rule. If you're vain, at least make it pay off. That's my advice to you. Who cares about being 'virtuous' and all that nonsense?! What's the point of being 'good' if you walk around in a bin bag?

That's another thing - all these 'good' people have absolutely no sense of style. That's why I'm not even going to try to be good.


Being bad is much more fun.



The End

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