Avarice: PonderingMature

I ran my fingers over my delicate brown hair, twisting it up into a bun to accentuate my sharp features and clean, toasted complexion. With I sigh, I fingered the gold necklace draped on the table top, it's lustrous shine reflecting in my bronze eyes.

I am Avarice, I am Greed, I am the root of many evils. Money, gold, dollars, whichever name you have for it. I am a thirst for riches, for the power that comes with it. War had come under my name, blood had been spilt, souls tainted.

Raising my gaze from the jeweled necklace, weaving it's way through my fingers, I looked at myself in the mirror. Over the years I had not changed, eating away at Man's stupid, weak hearts. Love? Justice? Hope? Even Lust could not wield the power over the heart in which I held. The power of power!

I sat at the side of the Pharaohs of Egypt, I was in the shadows of the court of Kings. While subjects suffered famine and feast, they bathed in silver and wore gowns of gold! Where was Justice? Where was Hope? Faith? Charity? And all those other worthless wretches?

My eyes blinked slowly, like those of a cat. These eyes have seen much over the ages, since I slipped into the young world. I had no sympathy. Many doubted the existence of my soul.

Well, of course! I was one of the Seven Deadly Sins!

The End

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