Sloth and Hope- A Lazy New Year's EveMature

Here we are, after all these years.  The New Year's celebrations still light up the windows across the way; though the street has long been empty, now that the parade is over.  I could go in away from the cold, but I'm so very tired...

Funny, to think that it all might soon be over.  I've never really wanted to think too hard on what will happen, but on nights like this, you can feel it happening, all its own.  Time says "It's time to move on," and you go with it, whether you want to or not.  Say hello to 2011, everyone.  We didn't always have to listen, though...

I remember that day, so long ago; the day when Pandora's fingers slipped with her judgment, bringing us out to turn the world upside down.  My sister and I, we were the last to leave the pithos.  I didn't want to, but she smiled and took my hand; until there we were, blinking in the sun of a first, new day with so many more to follow.  At first, we stuck together, the fourteen of us...  We didn't know what we were.

Then the fights began. Wrath started it, of course, with Justice close behind... It was only a matter of time before others joined in, as Fortitude and Temperance wanted their say while Pride and Envy couldn't be out-done, Prudence and Faith chased Lust and Gluttony and before you knew it the world was at war.  Even sister joined in... Though I've always been content to watch.  Always.

Now, the world has expanded as it aged.  The Sins and the Virtues have spread out, taken their places, though everyone knows where everyone else is, especially now.  2012 draws near; it even makes me anxious sometimes.  But my sister, dear Hope...  All these years, she and I have stuck together.  She always believed in me, that I might miraculously transcend my sinful, slothful nature...   As a Sin, I've tried to dodge her and leave her several times, though every time she would find me again (I'm not hard to catch, after all; it's not as though I'd run away). But she protects me, and in a way it's sort of nice to have company, even if it's preachy company.

But  while I'd love to sit and muse awhile longer, it's time to go inside... The bed beckons, and Hope's guests are probably asleep.

The End

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