The 7 Deadly Sins & The 7 Heavenly VirtuesMature

Golden Age, Ancient Greece

Pandora, the first women to ever be created, stood grasping onto the pithos. Zeus' words echoed inside her head. "On no account, Pandora, shall you open this. It only contains all the evils of the world - doom, devistation and destruction. Pandora: I command you: do not open it."

Her eyes were fixed onto it. The pithos was both hideous and beautiful. Pandora could not determine its age, for it was ageless. There were delicate carvings on its exterior - it must of took years to express so much detail! However, it was not the outside that Pandora took any interest in.

Slowly, Pandora placed her hand on the lid. She took a deep breath. I cannot believe that I am doing this. Pandora opened the lid...

                                                               And Hell Was Set Loose!

The End

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