Victim #5

Steven slogged through the mud and rain in his knee high boots. He stared out into the darkness as the rain dripped off the rim of his bright yellow rain cap onto his broad shoulders. The rain hadn't let up in days and Steven was sure the lower parts of the valley had to be under water. He rubbed the dark stubble on his neck with his wet hand then turned away from the unrelenting down pour and headed toward the dock.

As far as he was concerned, his boat was well worth risking in the storm rather than taking his chances on land, especially when he would never see then coming. It had worked for him in the last outbreak and it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The lights from his boat came into view as he rounded the corner to the wharf. He slowed his pace, trying to remember if he had left them on. He hadn't. He feet slammed against the dock in his heavy boots carried him as fast as they would allow. There was no way he was letting anybody take his life line. He slowed just long enough to grab a heavy chain.

Skidding to a stop in front of his pride and joy he yelled out as he hefted the chain. No one answered. A flash lit up the scene as he yelled out again. Again not a sound but the gentle rocking of the boat against the dock. He scrambled aboard and made his way along the starboard side. The deck was slippery. For a moment he attributed it to the heavy rain. A thunder clack startled him into loosing his footing on the blood soaked deck.

He struggled to lift the length of chain from his chest as a form emerged from the deck house. The creature clad in a business suit leaped on him, biting at his rain coat, then failing that, attacked his throat. With one hand he desperately held off the gnashing jaws while the other hand searched the deck for anything to pierce it's skull.

His fingers found purchase and he gripped tight and swung it in a wide arc. The skinning knife failed to break through the dead mans temple. Steve pulled it back for another swing as the thing bit down on his fingers. With a cry of pain, he plunged the blade through its eye into the depths of its brain.

The End

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