Victim #4- Trapped.

My Booted foot connected with rotting flesh of the zombie to my right. I felt my foot rip through flesh and bone. Grimacing I pulled my foot out and scrambled out of the way of its greedy hands and putrid stench.

Gagging I ran away from the grunting and growling mangled piece of flesh on bony legs. I rounded the corner and came to a sudden halt. There huddled over a fresh young corpse, crouched four more zombies. They all looked up at me and their beady faded eyes seemed to widen in wonder. From their mouths dangled pieces of torn meat as blood dribbled down their chins and splashed on the pavement.

I whimpered and frantically scanned my surroundings, searching for a weapon or an escape route. But I was boxed in with at least five hungry zombies and no weapon to use against them.

“Oh lords please help me.” I whispered.  
They started to advance on me, pushing me deeper into the corner, stalking me like a lioness stalks a gazelle.

I opened my mouth to scream when the unmistakable sound of human voice sounded from behind the zombies.
“Help!” I shouted.
“Wait there we’re coming.” A voice shouted.

Wait here? Like hell! I’m not waiting in a corner with starving zombies just waiting to rip into my flesh. I again started searching for a weapon to use and on sheer luck alone I spotted a piece of broken glass about the size of my forearm.

Quickly ducking down to pick it up I sliced into the zombie nearest to me. It sunk
in without the slightest hesitation and tore through barely there organs and god only knew what else. I winced when I felt the glass start to cut my palm. They seemed to be able to smell my blood and their movements turned from shuffling to jerky and impatient. Pulling out the glass shard from the zombie I spun to face the next one.

Where the hell are the humans? I asked myself as I stabbed into more disgusting rotted flesh.
“Are you still there?” I asked stupidly. But no answer came.

Growing more panicked I started slicing into anything I could reach, blood coated my hand and I refused to acknowledge what else covered me.
I felt foul breath tickle the back of my neck. Turning slowly I saw another zombie looming over me.

And before I could do more than widen my eyes in shock he grabbed me and hauled me up to his open mouth and bit down. I screeched at the feel of excruciating pain.

The pain was horrible. I felt his broken teeth chewing into my flesh and grinding into my bones.
Black spots danced in front of my eyes and my brain was overwhelmed with the amount of pain that I felt. Feeling queasiness roll through me as another zombie joined in munching on me. My vision faded and everything turned black and I felt like I was in a void of numbing pain then…
Turns out I didn’t get rescued after all.  

The End

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