Survivor #6 - Orders, orders, orders...

Today was a bad day. It had started off good enough with predictions being made as to the day's baseball, football and soccer games. But then came DEFCON 2 and our being told that zombies were back. Immediatly, our day was ruined, but two hours later, when we were out on the move, it changed for one of us at-least.

"Yeah! Get some! Get some!" Our squad's Automatic Gunner, Tim, was exclaiming from the turret of our HMWVV as he unloaded fresh, hot lead into the zombie hordes. He slid hard into one side of the turret as our driver turned sharply trying to find his way towards our objective: a small comuter airport that was being used as an extraction zone for civilians. At any rate, my squad, all members of the Marine Force Recon, were loaded up into two HMWVV's and were tearing around the city like hell-on-wheels. Which, at that moment, was quite an apt discription.

"Ain't far now; should just be around the... Look out!" We all braced for impact and were all jarred as something heavy and fast T-boned our vehicle and sent it into a light pole nearby.

Dazed, but not completely out of it, I shook the cobwebs off and quickly did a rolecall of my squad mates.

"I'm ok!" Our Automatic Gunner called out from beside me. He had ducked inside at the last moment just before the collision.

"I'm a little banged up but I'm clear." another one of my mates told me. I looked around me quickly and saw that we were all in some sort of ok shape, opened my door quickly and hopped outside.

First thing I saw was a mini-van whose front end was trashed beyond recognition along with the driver and passenger. It was obvious to tell that it was the mini-van that had hit us. I also saw our other HMWVV stopped and our squadmates moving over to us quickly.

"What the hell hapened?" Dave, our squad leader, asked as he approached. The rest of my HMWVV piled out quickly and our driver responded.

"Look out bud!" One of our riflemen called out. He snapped up his M4 and fired a quick burst just past my shoulder and killed a zombie that was almost on me.

"Owe you one Tyler," I said.

"We had the light Sarge, we had the light!" He said. We all looked for a brief moment at the light and saw that we, indeed, had a green light. My squad leader shook his head then got to work doing what he does best: lead.

"So much for getting to the airport," He said. He motioned us over towards a three-story office building and we, as quickly as we could, moved into it and set up shop, "Barracuda this is Viper-1, we had an vehicle accident on... Third and Main, requesting orders, over." We stormed to the back of the office, found the stairs and charged up them.

"Viper-1 this is Barracuda-Actual, I'm seeing a large number of infected in your area. Is it possible for you to make it here,  over?" Our company CO, Lucas, asked. We stopped just short of the top of the last landing for a moment, but only a moment as Tim shouldered open the door. We all filed out and took up positions around the roof. We all took a look down at the street and saw that the place was truely filled with infected and the way to our vehicles were closed with the undying horde.

"Uh, Barracuda-Actual, that's a negative, I'm seeing the entire Girl-Scout troop for the entire county over here. Have one vehicle down and the other one is over-run. Need new orders sir." I took aim with my M110 Designated Marksman Rifle and popped off a quick shot on a zombie. Even for a quick shot, it was a kill.

"Viper-1, wait one," A few other squadmates of mine started popping off a few zombies as we awaited our orders.

"Viper-1 this is Barracuda, we cannot send reinforcements at this time. New orders are as follows: Sit tight and hold out until reinforcements arive'. Happy hunting Viper-1" Lucas told us. We all looked at each other and smiled. We had just gotten the best orders in this situation: Kill 'em all.

"Well squad, what are you waiting for? They want some, so let's give it to 'em!" Dave yelled out. Maybe it wasn't going to be so bad of a day after all.

The End

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