Victim #3 - So close...

I turned off the TV, the last thing I needed to worry about were zombies, I still had a huge paper to write and then my exams. University was no picnic I thought in frustration. I sat in front of my laptop and just stared, I had the title of my paper, I'd done the needed research, but I had yet to write a word. My mind was too distracted by everything, Me and my dad had barely escaped last year. The irony I guess is that two weeks after the all clear he has a fatal heart attack. Leaving me on my own for good. I picked up my guitar and tried to relax with each note then I paused in my strumming as I heard a scream from the other side of the dorm. I ignored it but then other voices began joining in. I licked my lips, my palms growing sweaty, this couldn't be happening, not again.

I remembered the calm and controlled manner my dad had shot my turned mother and older sister. And I remembered the sorts of things he packed. And I went around my small dorm room, copying movements I'd watched a year ago. I leaned out my window, the fire escape stairs were a small jump to my right. If I made it, I could use that to get downstairs rather than attempting to battle through the horde. If I missed I'd fall two storeys onto the field below.

I let out a long sigh and climbed gingerly onto the window sill, I gripped the brick as best I could, my fingers frantically searching for small holes and gaps in the solid wall. I took a few deep breaths to prepare myself but a loud thud at my door told me I didn't have the time to prepare. I jumped and fell on the other side of the railing with a metallic crash. Apart from a scrap on my elbow and a sore shoulder I was good. I raced down the stairs, glad to see that any zombies nearby were inside. I jumped onto the green grass and raced for the university exit, and off onto the street I ran. So far so good I thought. I rounded a corner and had to take back that thought.

“Holy ***” I muttered as I took in the ten zombies. They hadn't noticed me, but they did now. Ten rotting, mangled bodies crawling after me. But I knew it wouldn't be long till they broke into a run. So I ran first, taking refuge in a nearby shop. It was an antique one, I broke the nearest vase and grabbed the biggest jagged piece. The first zombie to reach me got that in its chest, but it kept moving. Dammit I thought as I remembered it was the spinal cord I had to cut. I searched desperately as the zombies closed in. Then I noticed the samurai sword on the wall. I jumped for it, but something pulled me back down. I let out a yell of pain as I felt teeth attack my arm. So close to stopping them. At least there'll kill me and I'll join dad I hoped as the unbearable pain forced my body to grow numb.  

The End

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