Survivor #5: Head-on!

“Last year’s zombie attacks sure did have a pretty big effect on this town,” I muttered under my breath, kicking the front door to a close as I struggled with the groceries in my arm that the delivery man from the supermarket had dropped onto me. He didn’t even wait for a tip, instead grabbing the cash in my hand and scrambling out of the front porch, eyes swerving around madly as if suspecting an undead creature to assault him any second.

I hadn’t been home last October to witness the ‘Takeover of the Scar-ies’. Instead, I’d gone on a camping trip, high up a mountain on which no zombie had taken the opportunity to raid. I and my group of teenage friends had been completely unaware of the zombie infections that started to spread down on Earth, well until all of us reached our respective homes.

And apparently, the return of October brought upon the town the whole siege mentality. Everyone had grown super alert, some people not even daring to take a step outside of their house, thinking they would be attacked or whatnot. I feel as if I’m the only one with the lightest bit of relaxation in my mind. Others deemed me crazy because of this. Sure, I might have missed out on a good fight. But zombies are nothing to worry about.

Sighing lightly to myself, I set down the groceries on my kitchen table, rummaging through the dull blue bags to find what I needed. The scent of the cabbage leaves wafted through the thin plastic and I pulled one of the bags out of the other and then made my way out of the back door and towards the garden, or the remnants of a garden.

Crossing the small plot, I came to an abrupt stop in front of the small shed, opening the small wooden door.

“Hey Lucky, come out little fella.”

The familiar feel of soft fur against my palm was enough to confirm his existence and I lightly dumped the contents inside the bag into the shed, looking through the small holes of the metal wire to see if my pet rabbit was eating any.

He’d been the sole survivor of last year’s attack, the only one of my five babies that had managed to survive. I could only imagine what the others had become…

But Lucky wasn’t in his usual mood. His chipper and hopping self was quiet and still, ignoring the food I’d set in front of him that he’d so usually pounce upon and instead looking out over the small holes of his home, over the distance.

Animal senses? I shook the thought aside, refusing to believe the suspicion that made its way to my mind. But the strong gust of wind, the cloudy haze that had formed in the sky was eerie enough for me to change my mind. I reached out into the shed, placing my hand under his stomach and bringing him closer to the entrance, lifting him into my arms.

“Let’s go,” I whispered, glancing once at the distant horizon before entering my house. I put down Lucky on the sofa, saying firmly, “Stay.” He’d never paid much attention to my orders before but I had a feeling today there’d be a difference.

“Now what weapons would I have if a zombie horde was coming to kill me?” I muttered absentmindedly, rummaging through my draws, looking for anything sharp or decent enough. I found a lengthy and strong baseball bat in one, taking it out and placing it on the desktop counter. I then rushed to the kitchen and started searching there, resulting with a discovery of a strong iron butcher knife.

Taking tight hold of it in my hand, I went back to the living room, glancing out the window casually. I froze mid-step and turned my head to look out once more, squinting to see what it was that I’d seen. There were three or four of them. Mutilated, scarred…a whole new level of beings. And they were coming towards the house.

I could feel the adrenaline start to course through me the moment I acknowledged the creatures to be what they are. Quickly picking up Lucky in one hand, I placed him in the middle pocket of my hoodie, the way a mother kangaroo would place her baby in her pouch. Then, taking the baseball bat in my right hand, the stronger of the two, I opened the front door and looked over my surroundings quickly. There would be no way out, no way to escape but by running past the zombies, into the street where I may have hopes of finding other survivors. The backyard would be no option as beyond it stretched an endless field that finally connected to a forest. That’s no sanctuary.

Taking a deep breath, the grip of my hands against the iron and wood tightened as I ran as fast as I could, heart pounding against my chest madly. I was going head-on with these beasts, and they knew this. I tried to steer clear of them but heck, they’re fast. One of them grabbed my arms, tugging me back violently but I swung the baseball bat as strong as I could. It made contact with the zombie’s head, snapping it back.

Score one!

I continued to run, my speed increasing once I was free of one of them. A new one came up on either side of me and I slashed through the abdomen of the one to my left, the upper half of the body flying off as the blade sliced through it effectively. The grayish goo splattered over the skin of my arms and I swallowed down the bile that came up my throat. Now wasn’t the time to be a girl, I could be the less gory zombie slayer chick once I was safe.

I hit the one to my left with as much impact as my last blow with the baseball, the wood starting to form cracks slightly. Thankfully, the blow slowed him down and I had enough time to turn around the corner of the street to look for others who could help me. There were still two left behind me, and I don’t know how much more of this I could handle before being…well…taken out.

Just as I thought this, I felt a hand wrap around my foot, causing me to stumble. I fell down against the tarmac hard, causing both weapons in my hand to fly out of distance. I turned over, kicking and trying to squirm out of the zombie’s grip. But the two loomed over me, and I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable.

The gunshots were the first thing I heard. I peeked open, and sat up quickly, seeing two dead zombie corpses opposite. I tried not to double over on the spot by the vile stench of their bodies. Instead, standing up, I looked behind me and noticed a man. He smiled at me and I let go of the breath I’d been holding, glad to still be alive.

“Another survivor,” he muttered, shaking his head. “Come on.” After taking my butcher knife, seeing as the baseball would no longer be helpful, I followed him across the street towards his house but that’s not where he was intending for us to go. He opened the door to his basement, helping me down the dark as I descended the steps. My eyes adjusted to the dark and I saw the silhouettes of three other people.

“Got you at your house?” One of them asked, a woman’s voice. I wasn’t sure who I was responding to as I nodded, a grin forming on my face.

“Yep. And for the first time as well.”

I reached into my pocket, feeling Lucky shaking inside. “It’s going to be alright,” I whispered, taking him out.

Oh how I hoped so.

The End

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