Victim #2 - Please Not The Children

The radio filled the kitchen with terror-filled screams and I glanced over, horrified at the noise the people were making. They sounded less human than the zombies who were obviously there to kill them...

The radio fell silent as Art switched it off, "You shouldn't listen to those things." He frowned down at me and sighed, "Plus, you don't want the kids hearing... it'll frighten them."

I broke my gaze from him and looked back at the stove, observing the bubbles of the water over the nearly-cooked pasta. This was Art and I's food, the children had already eaten and were in bed.

"Art, do you think we're really safe here? They say this is out of the danger zone at the moment but.. even the radio stations are being hit... should we just do it now? Get it over with? I don't want to die Art but think of our children. What if we-"

"Stop it Lex," Art interrupted, "we are safe here. The radio stations stayed where they were so they could keep in on the action; you know that. It was their own stupid fault that they were hit. Go sit down, I'll finish up dinner. Switch the TV on or something and for God's sake don't put the news on."

I nodded and walked away absent-mindedly. Two and a Half Men was on. I smiled, I loved this show.

Art strolled in with two plates piled high of pasta bolognese with a massive grin on his face as he claimed to have done all of the work. Perhaps we would be okay after all...


It was almost ten now. I stepped into my children's room; fearing the worst as usual but there they were in front of me. They were peacefully sleeping in their beds, calm smiles on their faces. I prayed that they would dream well and not think about the zombies of these days as I did every night and, after kissing both of their foreheads, left their room to go to bed - days were too tiring now to stay up late.

I reached the doorway and saw one of the only things I feared these days. My love stood in front of me... but he was not my love any more. He did not know who I was. He did not remember our wedding day; meeting my parents; our favourite movies; our first date; where we met... or who our children were.

"Art please... it's me Art..."
He groaned hungrily. This was it for me. If nothing else I had to try and save the children... and then I saw the others. The zombies surrounding my husband. Limbs missing; eyes lost; parts of their brains hanging out of their open skulls.

And so I ran. I ran straight into my children's room because if we were going to die then I would not let them be alone.
"Rosa, Rosa honey, wake up. Tomas, come here Tomas. Mummy wants a big hug okay? Come here you two. I want a big hug so that you know I love you and I will always love you." There were tears filling my eyes as I called my five-year-old girl and four-year-old boy to me; I'd turned myself so I was facing the door; so I would see the horror and they would not.
Rosa had a great big grin on her face as she sleepily shuffled over to me, as did little Tomas. My babies.
They both jumped into my lap as I was now sitting on the floor and I wrapped my arms around them, stroking Rosa's hair and whispering to them 'I love you' over and over again as my tears fell upon their heads.

It had taken a while for the zombies to realise where I was going but they were here now, coming towards my family with such speed... Art at the front.
Please, not the children Art... Not the children.
My final thought as Art began to pull Rosa from my arms as I wept and the group which followed began tearing pieces of us apart.

My only hope at the end being that they would kill us and leave us dead. 

The End

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